“Orphan Black” recap (2.02): Crazy Science

At the DYAD, Leekie leads Cosima to her new lab. Cosima is being “cheeky” again aka being her adorable bratty self. She calls the lab “clone jail” and Leekie does not know how to handle the amount of sass he’s being thrown. He can’t get mad, because he needs her, but Rachel sure as hell never gave him this much trouble. Delphine is still trying desperately to be the buffer, bouncing around happily like the puppy she is, saying it will be great, and that they can make it their own. Leekie asks Cosima to keep an open mind, and Cosima says she will, but will hopefully also be keeping an open eye. At least one at all times.


At the Glendale Community Theatre rehearsal, Alison and Theatre Sarah sing about death and being “blood buds” and considering recent events (and also her alcohol relapse), Alison is having a hard time keeping up. Her director pulls her aside and tells her that she needs to get rid of her anxiety residue which would have been creepy enough on its own, but got an extra dose of ew when he put his hand on her bum. Luckily, Felix chooses this moment to walk in to deliver the new clone phone and give Alison an update, saving her from more bad touching. Alison takes Felix into a back room and tells Felix that not only is Aynsley dead, but that she kind of indirectly killed her. And what’s worse, she wasn’t even Alison’s real monitor! They now think it’s Donnie, but to prove it, they’re going to have to lay a trap.

OB 202-6And drink some vodka.

Mrs. S leads Sarah to a place Sarah recognizes. Mrs. S confirms that it’s where she took Sarah and Felix when they first moved here from the UK. I feel like now is a good time to ask: Why do Sarah and Felix have distinct British accents, while Mrs. S has an Irish accent, but they moved to North America when they were Kira’s age? Kids tend to adopt the accents of their peers over their family’s if they differ, which is why Kira sounds North American, but did Sarah and Felix stay so closed off from other kids, that they fueled each other’s accents growing up? They kept them to keep their connection with each other, with where they came from? It’s possible I’m overthinking this (as I do), or that I have the timeline wrong, but it was obviously a choice that was made, since neither actor has that accent naturally, so I was just curious.

Anywho, Sarah’s trip down memory lane with the birdwatchers is interrupted by Kira, who runs into her arms. Sarah looks like she might never let go.

OB 202-7I hope you like leashes, Kira, because I doubt Sarah will ever let you out of her sight again.

These people, the birdwatchers, helped Mrs. S disappear the first time, and they’re going to do it for them this time, too.

Angie shows up at Art’s apartment, concerned because he’s about to get himself suspended for bringing in Daniel, who has connections up the wazoo. Angie tells him that she found out that the hospital brought in a Jane Doe and shows him Helena’s picture. They have a fifth Beth and Angie is not going to rest until she figures out what the hell is going on. Art begs her to drop it, begs her not to go to the hospital. She says she won’t but of course that’s exactly what she does.

Unfortunately, by the time she gets to the hospital, Helena is missing. The creepy baby Prolethean is already wheeling her right out the front door.

A little girl is told to bring supplies to the newest arrival, and we find out that there aren’t just three or four Proletheans in a barn—there’s a whole damn compound. Pastor Henrik tells Tomas that the reason Helena survived the gunshot is because the bullet didn’t hit her heart. Because her heart is on the wrong side. It turns out Helena and Sarah are mirror twins; yin and yang, lefty and righty, church and state, dark and light. The Pastor tells Tomas that he and Helena are welcome to stay.

Dream Team Felix and Alison stage a phone call that makes it seem like Alison is being sneaky and reluctantly meeting Sarah about something urgent. Donnie takes the bait and calls Leekie while he spies on Alison in the graveyard, about as stealthy as Yogi bear. Alison had called Theatre Sarah to meet her by Aynsley’s grave, and Donnie reveals that he actually has no idea why he’s monitoring Alison. When Leekie asks him what Sarah looks like, Donnie still thinks it could be the Sarah Leekie is looking for; if he had known he was involved in a cloning experiment, he would have said “not like Alison” and that would have been that. Leekie is extremely disappointed tells Donnie to just hang up. Alison finds Donnie hiding behind a gravestone and he tries, poorly, to lie about why he’s there. She pretends to believe him, but all of her worst fears are coming true.

OB 202-8And then there’s Sarah Stubbs.

Mrs. S and Sarah have a heart-to-heart outside the birdwatchers’ house, and Sarah thinks Mrs. S is sending her and Kira to London, but she misunderstood. It’s Mrs. S that’s taking Kira—thus far, she has a better track record of keeping her safe. Sarah shows Siobhan the Project LEDA picture Amelia gave her, but she feigns ignorance.

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