“Orphan Black” recap (1.10): “Up yours, ProClone!”

Donnie comes home to Alison and tells her that he wants to forget about everything and start over. Alison feels fleeting guilt about what she’s done, but not enough to confess to her husband. He says he’s going on a run to symbolize their new life, but before he makes it around the cul-de-sac, he jumps into Leekie’s car, proving what we all suspected — he’s Alison’s monitor and Alison murdered a regular neighbor for no reason other than that she was kind of nosy.

In Felix’s loft, Cosima is in the bathroom, coughing up an alarming amount of blood. This is where people who aren’t the subject of a long-term medical experiment would go to the hospital, but Cosima simply washes up and goes to Felix, who has just announced that Delphine and her baggage (of the literal and emotional sort) are at the door.

Felix leaves the stunning scientists alone to geek out together. Cosima was hesitant at first, but that face and that accent — even smart girls get dumb around girls like Delphine. After adorable mirrored frustration and theorizing, they finally manage to decode the synthetic sequence in Cosima’s DNA, thanks to Delphine having memorized her ID number. They work together and discover a message encoded IN all of them (which is crazy, by the way). Cosima immediately calls Sarah to tell her what they found.

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Sarah has arrived at the Big Fancy Building once again, and Paul is still hanging out in the elevator bank, because apparently he lives there now. He tells her she’s making the right choice. The Big Fancy Building is SO fancy, it has reception in the elevators, so Sarah answers the call from Cosima. She warns her that there’s a catch to the deal the Powers that Be want to make. The synthetic sequence had a message that said that the “organism” is patented intellectual property — their bodies are not their own.

When the elevator opens in the Big Fancy Office, there is no one inside it anymore. BitchFace Clone gets an email that just says “UP YOURS, PROCLONE” in gigantic letters. Unphased, BitchFace makes a call and says simply, “You know what to do.”

In the wake of their exciting yet disturbing discovery, Cosima looks at Delphine, her lip quivering in the most heartbreaking of ways. She says out loud what she has been keeping in all this time, hoping to be untrue — tears welling her in eyes, she says, “I’m sick, Delphine.” A thousand hearts shatter all over the floor and Delphine gives Cosima the hug we all wish we could.

When Sarah finally gets back to Mrs. S’s house, everything is in disarray. Panicked, she runs up to Kira’s room, where there is no sign of her little girl. She goes to the open window and channels Michael from lost, shouting her daughter’s name into the wind.

Did Mrs. S take Kira to safety? Was Mrs. S the one BitchFace called, and did she take her away as punishment? WILL COSIMA BE OKAY?!

We have to wait until Spring 2014 to find out. A devastatingly long hiatus, I know, but surely it will be worth the wait. We can spend the interim months re-watching for clues and doing our darndest to get Tatiana Maslany all the awards.

Thanks for rolling along with me in my snowballing obsession with this show, clonesbians! But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be recapping Mistresses (which starts TONIGHT!) so play along with me with the hashtag #HomoWrecker and we’ll make it to Spring 2014 together!

Here are some of our favorite tweets from the finale:

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