“Orphan Black” recap (1.10): “Up yours, ProClone!”

When Sarah gets to said Big Fancy Building, Paul is there, lurking around the elevator bank. She’s not all that surprised to see him, but he tells her to listen to the Powers that Be. Though he also tells her that he’s still being blackmailed, which suggests, to me, that he still cannot be wholly trusted.

When Sarah enters the Big Fancy Room in the Big Fancy Building, the woman we saw Leekie on the phone with reveals herself to, in fact, be yet another clone. Posh, British, and equipped with quite the smug look of importance, BitchFace Clone welcomes Sarah. Rachel Duncan offers her the same deal Leekie offered Alison – answers, freedom to live as she pleases, as long as she stays available to them.

At Felix’s loft, the clones gather for a much-needed meeting of the Clone Club. When Cosima arrives, she gives Sarah her puppy-dog eyes and says she’s sorry for not listening to her about Delphine. Sarah gets it, and hugs the sad little scientist. When they all settle in, Alison tells them that since her kids are safe and she really wants out, she’s seriously considering taking the deal Leekie offered her. Sarah and Cosima are a little surprised, but they support her in her decision. They’ve both been offered deals themselves and no one is sure what they’re going to do. Alison inquires about Rachel and Sarah explains that she was raised by Neolution. A ProClone, as Felix calls her. Before they can discuss it further, Cosima gets a text: Delphine is in Town, probably because it’s part of her contract to never be more than 500 feet away from Cosima at all times. Or because, like me, she would follow that adorable, bespectacled face wherever it went. Sarah calls the meeting of the clone club to a close for now and heads to Mrs. S’s to see Kira.

Back in the suburbs, Alison sees Aynsley packing up her house. She meanders over to ask what’s going on an Aynsley says she’s moving. Alison really just wants to hear the words come out of her mouth, so she demands to know the truth. Aynsley looks at her, bewildered, and shouts “THE TRUTH IS YOU AND MY HUSBAND SCORED A TOUCHDOWN TOGETHER OF COURSE I’M GETTING THE HELL OUT.” She even has a breakup box of things Alison, her very best friend, had given her over the years. In her fury, she takes a little hand-crafted, felt Christmas angel out of the box and decides to use it as a symbol of their relationship and shove it down the drain. She goes so far as to turn on the garbage disposal, getting her fancy scarf caught in it. Since Satan himself designed the kitchen so that you can’t reach the switch from the sink, she is being choked and her face is turning as blue as her scarf. She calls to Alison for help, but Alison’s eyes are wide and evil light bulbs are going off. She walks over to the switch, and her fingers hover over it for a minute, but thinks better of it AND WATCHES AYNSLEY DIE.

Maybe she does have Helena’s mental disorder after all.

Alison then does her adorable little tight-step speedwalk back across the street, first stopping to adorably wipe her fingerprints off the doorknob.
At Mrs. S’s Sarah says she’s going to pop over to visit her birth mum while Siobhan rocks back and forth with her rifle, worried about Helena being on the loose. 

When Sarah gets to the apartment where Amelia is staying, she starts to say something about being wary of Mrs. S but before she can get out her warning, she is stabbed right in the gut. She falls to the ground, taking the wig with her, and revealing Helena as the second clone to kill a person so far today (but not the last).

When Sarah gets to the apartment, she follows the bloody trail to the basement, where she finds Amelia in poor shape. She tries to warn the right Sarah this time about Siobhan, handing her a picture of Mrs. (Dr.?) S. in a lab coat, but sadly doesn’t have enough breaths left in her to explain. Helena appears behind them and has a flare, because of course she does. She spits on Amelia’s body while Sarah laments the loss of the woman she had been searching for her whole life. Helena gets in her twin’s face and Sarah says she’s not her sister, just some psychopathic, religious-freak, loony toon in her t-shirt. Helena channels Pilot-Episode-Sarah and says, “London Calling” before headbutting her and wrapping a giant chain around her throat. She throws her to the ground and tells Sarah that she can’t kill her, because of their connection. The same reason Sarah couldn’t shoot Helena in the cage. Sarah decides to prove the crazy fallen angel wrong and SHOOTS HER RIGHT IN THE CHEST. Sarah seems a little surprised at her own clonicide attempt, but I’ll believe Helena’s dead when she’s officially six feet under.

Sarah, surrounded by the blood of her birth mother and her twin sister, calls BitchFace clone and says she will come take her offer, that she doesn’t want Kira to have to grow up in the kind of bloody chaos she’s been dealing with for the past few weeks. 

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