“Orange Is the New Black” recap (2.6): You Also Have a Pizza

Taystee is rocking it out on the dancefloor, even dropping into the splits. She gets up and tries to convince Poussey to join her. Poussey is busy flirting with a new pixiecut-sporting inmate, and brushes Taystee off. When Taystee is insistent, Poussey gets mean and makes an uncalled for fat joke at Taystee’s. Their arguing causes the girl to take off, which sours Poussey’s mood even more and she walks away.

Flashback to a broken-hearted Poussey confronting her girlfriend’s father in the dining hall. Poussey yells at him and tearfully confesses to loving his daughter. The girl’s father tells her that is exactly why she has to leave. Poussey reaches her breaking point and goes to pull out a gun, but is stopped by her father before anyone else can see. The girl’s father tells Poussey’s dad that there are places that can de-gay Poussey, but her father knows there isn’t anything wrong with his child.


Back at the party, Vee and Red come together to chat. They both have their own things going, and Red warns Vee that none of this will end well. Pennsatucky sees her old friends laughing and dancing, and despite her earlier bravado, she’s close to tears. She walks outside for some air, and finds Healy already sitting there. She joins him and they sit in silence for a moment. Healy breaks his heart shaped cookie and gives Pennsatucky the other half. Touched by his gesture, she hugs him and he hugs her back. Two lost souls, a little less lonely for a moment.

At the bar, Caputo sings a ballad-y number while he watches Fisher cozy up to Luschek. As he scans the room, he sees Jimmie, filthy with leaves in her hair, sitting at the bar bobbing her head to the music. Oooooooooh shit!

Finally, Piper stands alone, facing the camera as Nicky asks her to describe love.

“It’s like coming home after a long trip. That’s what love is like. It’s like coming home. Thanks for asking.”


What is love like to you? To me, it’s that sensation of climbing to the top of the roller coaster. The closer you get, the more nervous and vulnerable you feel, but once you reach the top and you feel it tipping over…pure bliss.

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