“Orange Is the New Black” recap (2.6): You Also Have a Pizza

Nicky and Piper are hard at work on a box of exposed wires, discussing who they imagine going home to after they get out of prison. Nicky votes for Fiona Apple, circa 1999 and Piper reveals that her plans to live a life with Larry are more than likely over. Nicky offers to take her mind off of things, but Piper knows that it’s only a ploy to score three lousy points in the bang off. Piper laments losing both sexy/psycho Alex and sweet/unfocused Larry. Nicky admits that Larry might be on to something as she nearly electrocutes herself on the fuse box. Litchfield’s infrastructure is a mess and no one is spending a dime to change it. Piper gets a familiar look on her face. Time to go sleuthing.


Caputo stops by to check in on CO Fisher who is officially eavesdropping on the positively Dickensian lives of the inmates. She flashes him a smile, and he gets all befuddled. Caputo has a crush! He casually mentions that he’s in a band, and invites her to come watch, even offering to get her shift covered to do so.

In the library, Poussey reads Lewis Carroll to Taystee, who is trying to enjoy her last moments surrounded by books before she is forced to transfer. Poussey can’t believe what she is hearing since Taystee loves her job so much. Taystee tries to explain that she owes Vee for rescuing her from her awful foster situation. Taystee offers to try and get Poussey transferred but Poussey has no interest in living under Vee’s thumb.


Flashback to a very naked Poussey and her lady attempting, unsuccessfully, to scissor. (Thanks a lot, Blue is the Warmest Color. You’ve officially ruined scissoring for everyone.) They give up but fall back into bed, cuddling and kissing. Poussey starts talking about love, but soon enough, they can’t keep their hands off each other. Poussey goes down on her girlfriend, and the music playing is like “this is totally your orgasm jam, girl!” Then, unexpectedly, the other girl’s father walks in on them, which is a nightmare of biblical proportions. He stands speechless in his highly decorated military jacket as the girls try to cover themselves.

When Bennett arrives for his Valentine’s Day shift, he’s carrying a few extra items. Unfortunately, they are rattling inside his leg. He nervously goes through security, but doesn’t set off any alarms with his contraband. As the women in the kitchen decorate cookies with frosting and Good & Plentys (the devil’s candy), Bennett hands off the good to Aleida. He catches Daya’s eye and motions her over. He tries to play their little make believe game from the day before, but Daya and her pregnancy hormones aren’t having it.

As Healy stands inside an office gathering his mail, Soso is helping a new inmate get adjusted to the place. She recommends talking to the counselors, but when Soso finds out that the inmate’s counselor is Healy, she hesitates. Soso tells her that she hears Healy is not well-liked, which of course Healy overhears.

Piper is working on a broken light with Luschek overseeing. She starts pressing him about all the issues with the electrical grid at the prison, and he doesn’t disagree. He remains tight-lipped on where and if the allotted money was really spent, but Piper can read between the lines.

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