“Orange is the New Black” recap (2.12): It Was the Change


Vee’s crew is playing a spirited game of fuck, marry, kill (Cindy picks Caputo for the win) when Taystee overhears and tries to join in. Vee freezes her out right away, and Taystee returns to her mat defeated. Daya starts to feel the stress of the conditions and begins having a panic attack.

Caputo calls Fig again and after the eleventh time, she finally picks up. Fig is less than sympathetic to the situation at Litch, and Caputo tells her that he’s had enough of her mismanagement and gross neglect. She threatens his job as well, and instructs him to figure the situation out on his own, before strutting back out into the party.


Daya is hyperventilating and Bennett is failing at his attempts to calm her. CO Robinson comes over and instructs Daya to get on her feet and do some jumping jacks. Bennett assumes that Robinson is being a world class dick, but it’s actually helping Daya calm down.

In the kitchen, Gloria and the kitchen staff are making PB and Js when Red sneaks back to ask a favor. She wants a knife to protect herself and Gloria has the keys to the cage. Gloria refuses and Red confesses that she thinks Vee will kill her. Gloria assumes that Red’s just letting her paranoia run away with her. Red spies a roll of plastic wrap and gets an idea.

As Morello heads to toss out some trash, she sees Miss Rosa lying by herself, not moving. Morello sits down next to her and begins to shake her awake. Thankfully Rosa is still very much alive. Rosa tells Morello that she’s made peace with dying, but can’t get around the fact that she’s going to die in prison. Morello pulls a lollipop out of her waistband and silently hands it to Miss Rosa before leaning against the wall beside the dying woman.


After Daya has calmed down, she and Bennett have a real discussion about the future. What’s going to happen to the baby, and how are they going to pull off this charade forever? Daya wants him to confess and do his time so that when they are finally together, they can truly be free. (Doesn’t it cross Daya’s mind what things are like for cops and correction officers in prison? Bennett’s life would likely be very difficult while serving his time.) Daya also offers Bennett a way out without repercussions.

In the cafeteria, Poussey overhears the COs talking about flooding in the library and convinces them to let her go and salvage what she can. CO Ford sends Taystee to accompany her. Yoga Jones and Piper do some of their asanas, but talk quickly turns to injustice. Sister Ingalls is still being force-fed. Fig is punishing Piper for speaking the truth. Yoga Jones is brokenhearted by the whole thing. Piper admits her fear about being sent to another prison, but Yoga chimes in with some good news. She spent time at the same prison and life was so much sweeter there. Piper looks around at the rats and the filth around them and for a moment considers that the alternative doesn’t sound so bad. The only thing it’s missing is Alex.


As Vee goes outside to empty one of the piss buckets, she soon finds out that she is not alone. Red approaches her from behind with a length of plastic wrap and attempts to strangle Vee. When that doesn’t work, Red uses her bare hands to choke the other woman. Vee finally gives up fighting back but Red can’t go through with it. Once they catch their breath, they can’t help but laugh at the self imposed desperation of their situation. They agree to stay out of each other’s hair and call for a truce.

Flashback to Vee and RJ in bed after a vigorous lovemaking session. Vee is sweating and panting and seriously craving a Bomb Popsicle. RJ doesn’t really want to get out of bed but after Vee promises to let him “do that last thing again,” he agrees to run out to the bodega and get it for her. As soon as RJ leaves, Vee pulls out her phone and sends a text. As RJ walks through the neighborhood, he runs into Vee’s cop friend who tosses a gun in RJ’s direction. The cop calls in a fake report to dispatch that RJ is armed and dangerous. RJ puts the gun on the ground and raises his hands in innocence. The cop then fires two shots into his chest. Vee doesn’t do truces.

In the library, Poussey tries to break the ice with Taystee by asking what Vee plans to do to her. Taytee tells Poussey that she’s been exiled from the crew for standing up for her. Taystee claims Vee was the only person to ever have her back, which Poussey takes great offense to. Poussey has been there all along. Taystee blames Poussey and her deeper feelings for Taystee for ruining everything. When Poussey has had enough and tries to leave, Taystee knocks her to the floor. As Poussey trembles on the ground, waiting for Taystee to hit her, Taystee comes to her senses. Almost as if a spell has been lifted, Taystee drops to the floor and she and Poussey hug it out.


When finally everyone including the guards fall asleep, Piper takes the opportunity to do a little sleuthing. She sneaks into Fig’s office where she yanks the suspicious Fitzcorp files. Just as she does, the lights come back on and she runs smack into Caputo.

At the party, Fig wanders the apartment looking for her husband. She finds him all right, tucked away in a corner, making out with Gavin. Shocked and hurt, she turns and walks away as quickly as she arrived.

The next morning, Red surveys the damage in the greenhouse. As she bends down to begin cleaning up, Vee quietly sneaks in and bashes Red’s head in with a lock in a sock. Red sees Vee’s expressionless, sociopathic face before she goes unconscious.


Oh what will become of Red? “Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save. Got a slocket in my pocket, taking this one to the grave?”

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