“Orange is the New Black” recap (2.12): It Was the Change


A tearful Ruiz sits with her precious baby and boyfriend on the last visiting day before her transfer. She tells this man of few words that he must talk to the baby while she’s away. That it’s vital to her development, and she grows up knowing how much she is loved. Her boyfriend starts to tear up himself and nods. Piper watches their conversation from the window, and walks away disheartened.


No little superstorm is going to stop the Figueroa campaign from having their big fundraiser. Before the Figs head down to the festivities, they have a little roll in the 1200 thread count hay. Afterwards, Fig lies on her back trying to up the odds of conception while her Senate hopeful hubby gets dressed. There really is no better time to discuss embezzlement than when your legs are in the air, so Fig brings up the accountant’s findings. She says she wants to stop with the dirty dealings but her husband presses her to keep going. His campaign needs the extra kickbacks from Fitzcorp.

The storm is really kicking up, and as Anita finds out while flossing her teeth, Litchfield is about to get soaking wet. The A Dorm bathroom has begun to flood. Vee does show up for the come to Jesus with Red, but it doesn’t go as well as Red would have hoped. Vee sees the botched assassination attempt as a call to arms, and Red’s about to have a war on her hands. When Red laughs off Vee’s attempts to take over the tunnel, Vee pulls a very special card from her sleeve. She threatens Red’s sons. As the alarms ring and the women take to the floor, Vee reminds Red that the last time she crossed Vee, Red ended up with broken ribs and a punctured lung. Red spits in Vee’s face at the memory of it. CO Ford finds the women and orders them into the prison for shelter, but not before they all receive a SHOT for being out of bounds.


Flashback to Vee’s kitchen where she’s meeting with the local neighborhood crooked cop. They have a friendly relationship, considering. He tips her off and she pays him a hefty sum for his silence. As he leaves, he informs Vee about a recent bust of one of her competitors. He has it on pretty good authority that RJ was working with them behind her back.

The inmates are all moved to higher ground in the cafeteria where they will have to stay the night. Taystee is the first of Vee’s crew to arrive, but word is already out that she’s been banished because when Cindy and Watson see her, they turn the other way. Taystee’s mood isn’t lightened when Leanne shows up looking for drugs. Taystee sends her off empty handed.

Wading through waist deep water, Piper, Nicky and Luschek are on electric duty in the basement. When they arrive to check the massive oil tanks that power the generators on the roof, they are dry as a bone. Litch is screwed. Just then, the lights blow out and the prison is cast into darkness. That sounded more dramatic than I meant it to. It’s fucking dark is what I’m trying to say.


At Fig’s party, everyone is nice and dry and drinking champagne. Tiki Barber is expounding on social inequality while autographing footballs. Fig is telling the guests how amazing her husband is, when Mr. Fig’s, ahem, campaign director, Gavin, interrupts them. Caputo has called her six times now and she is refusing to answer. Instead she makes a B-line to the Fitzcorp folks who are bankrolling Mr. Fig’s campaign and getting all the prison contracts as compensation. Mr. Fitz is a real schmo, joking how the prison will need extensive repairs after the storm, and smacking Fig on the ass when his wife is out of view.

Red and her crew find a spot in the cafeteria where they can keep an eye on Vee. Morello and the others are nervous about a physical altercation, but Red tells them they need to think on their feet. From the other side of the cafeteria, Vee and her crew discuss their situation as well. Vee knows that Red’s power is in strategy so she tells the women to remain vigilant and not speak to anyone outside of their group. Meanwhile, things have gotten to another level of awful when the inmates find out that they have to pee in buckets since the pipes are out of order. Let’s hope everyone skipped the bran muffins at lunch. Leave it to Soso to turn this disaster into a slumber party. You have to admire her moxie. She even starts a singalong to Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch.” Surprisingly, the rest of the women start to join in. Taking advantage of the darkness, Leanne and Angie sneak off to get high on nutmeg.

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