“Orange is the New Black” recap (1.5): The Chickening



The Sister is talking Sophia through frustrating bodily changes. Sophia tries to lead the Sister around to hormones, and the Sister is waaaaaay ahead of her. Whoa—the Sister hits true when she hits. She says that a real woman is never happy with her body anyway, and, more to the point, says that if Sophia truly wants to be content, she should be working on that guilt over going to prison and forcing her wife to raise Michael alone. She hits one hell of a nerve.


Taystee is trying to tell her story while yoga is happening in the same room. It involves toplessness, barbecue sauce, and a bulldozer. Crazy Eyes can totally relate. Alex decides to share today. She says her “rock bottom” is right now. Chapman listens in a bit. She starts to roll up her yoga mat as Alex talks about their breakup—Alex began using heroin when Chapman abandoned her. Chapman disputes Alex’s version of events and storms out. Tricia says “I thought yoga was supposed to relax you.” Hee.


Larry’s parents’ place!

Larry’s parents are maybe not going to be helpful with the deposition thing. Also Larry’s writing career is maybe not going so well. He’s late with paying his parents the rent. And now he’s fallen backwards into telling them that he’s working on an article about edging and—Oh, Shesus, no!—Larry’s mom is very, very concerned that he’s not coming. “A man needs to come,” she says, in spite of the fact that she is embarrassing the entire planet.

Oh, dear. We learn that Larry’s dad doesn’t entirely like Piper. And also that he’s an ass man.

Whoa! And that Alex definitely, specifically ratted Chapman out. Larry’s dad very smartly tells Larry not to tell Chapman and give her an enemy to obsess over in the closed prison environment. Dad says to keep Chapman focused on the outside.

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