“Orange is the New Black” recap (1.5): The Chickening

Guard station!

It’s getting even cuter. Bennett finds a note from Diaz with a drawing of him on the back.


Turns out the dust masks are just for the guards. Nice. Chapman tells Nichols (Hiiiii, Nichols!) that she really saw the Phantom Chicken. Nichols, ever practical, is a skeptic. Nichols admits that she and Morello are on a break on account of the whole Morello being engaged thing, but Nichols says her engagement is doomed and she’ll be back.

oitnb_pds_160_hPrison yard!

Diaz is terrible at scorekeeping because she’s in lurve. Morello and Chapman are out looking for the chicken. Another inmate tells the domino players that some people smuggle drugs in birds, and that the chicken could be valuable. Mom Diaz says it’s a fairy tale, but the other inmate says there could be a thousand bucks stuffed up that chicken butt. End of domino game. …And then the basketball players see that all the domino players are also looking for the chicken.

Mom Diaz totally knows about Bennett. She advises Diaz to bang a guard who will be grateful enough to bring her stuff instead of sleeping with one for love.

Diaz Flashback!

Young Diaz comes home. Her kids sister is hungry, but she can’t go in the kitchen because drug stuff is happening in there. Holy damn, does Mom Diaz know how to keep a man in line. She stops him from getting Diaz to make mac and cheese by shaming him for being a child and “wearing Superman undies” until he gives Diaz money to buy her little sister some real food. Mom Diaz has some unconventional child-rearing techniques.

Yoga time!

I’ve missed you, Yoga Jones! Morello is hating yoga. The AA group comes into the yoga room because the chapel is gone. Nichols and Crazy Eyes immediately start ogling everyone, and of course Alex ogles Chapman. Yoga Jones is not having it. She leaves just before Chapman rolls up her mat and stalks out.


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