“Orange is the New Black” recap (1.4): Imaginary Enemies



Claudette catches Tricia trying to plant drugs in Mercy’s cube to to keep her from getting released. Claudette tells her that love is not an excuse. Just in case you have room for another throw pillow.

Electrical shop!

Luscheck, who knows he’s one of the people going down for this, smuggles a new screwdriver into the electrical shop. He says he found it under the sink.

Chapman knows it’s not the one. And that there’s a loose screwdriver somewhere in the prison.



Boo has a very personal happy moment. Which turns out to be facilitated by the screwdriver handle and a stuffed rubber glove on the other end and I do not wish to know even one little bit more.

Claudette reads her letter: Baptiste is coming back and his wife is dead. Hmm.

Healy’s office!

Claudette says she’d like to reopen her case for early release after all.


Chapman is finally settling down. And Claudette put her books back on the shelf.

Visiting room!

Boo apologizes to Mercy for being a dick. Mustache won’t let Boo kiss Mercy goodbye, but Tricia kisses Mercy but good anyway. Mercy promises to wait for Tricia.

Everyone is happy and sad. And maybe has a little bit of hope. Claudette watches Mercy go.

Good show! Everybody put your damn tools away. I’ll see you tomorrow as soon as you have your throw pillows done.

(And, yes, I broke down and looked it up. It’s SHU, for Solitary Housing Unit. Now all us nerds can sleep tonight.)

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