“Orange is the New Black” recap (1.4): Imaginary Enemies

As you might imagine, prison officials are not keen on the idea of blunt/sharp/whirling tools being in the general prison mix, so we learn about the checkout system so they can keep track of who has what. You lose a tool, you go to solitary confinement.

Watson doesn’t really want to work for what she calls slave-level wages just so she can buy a Coke for $6 in the commissary. Luschek assigns her to be in charge of checkout, which we’re all fine with. Then he calls Watson a monkey, which we are not fine with. Piss off, Luschek.

Chapman picks up a screwdriver that’s already lying on her workstation and starts not-fixing her lamp.


Red hooks Mercy, Tricia’s departing girlfriend, up with a job on the outside. Aww. Red tells her not to end up back in there. Some of the other inmates are going through Mercy’s stuff and taking the clothes she doesn’t want anymore. She gives away an old shirt, which strikes a nerve with Big Boo. (Who is played, by the way, by out comic <b>Lea DeLaria</b>.) Boo gave Mercy that shirt back when they were prison wives, and doesn’t like Mercy giving it to someone else. Mercy gives it away anyway, cautioning the lucky recipient to wash Boo’s stank off it first.

You know who else I’m guessing does not have much of a learning curve? Mercy.

Boo is not OK with anything that has happened in the last five minutes, or possibly the last couple of years. Boo tells Mercy, “It’s not your ass that I want anymore. It’s your back.”

Uh-oh. Red expositions that Boo has a history of screwing up release dates for her exes. She goaded one ex into a fight and got five years tacked onto her sentence right before she was supposed to get out.

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