“Orange is the New Black” recap (1.10): Bora Bora Bora



The inmates show off the doorless stalls. The bad-ass kid in the chair is still not impressed. Bell suggests she spend the night there. Just her… And Chapman. The group heads off, leaving the bad-ass to have lunch with Chapman. Chapman says she’s not even “fully like that,” and Crazy Eyes says “Ha! Little honor to be much believed,” and Crazy Peaces out.

Chapman says she has no interest in scaring Bad-Ass (whose name, it turns out, is Dina), but that she really doesn’t want to end up there. When Chapman puts a friendly hand on Dina’s shoulder, she yells “Don’t touch me, dyke faggot bitch!” That’ll be enough of that.

oitnb_Chapman Scares

Chapman tells her it’s easy to convince yourself of how tough you are on the outside, but on the inside you find out you’re weak. She also lets Dina in on way too much about her current drug runner girlfriend situation, but adds some important honesty to that. She ends with “It’s the truth who’s going to make you her bitch.”

Chapman walks out and the whole group is standing right around the corner. They are suitably impressed. Pousséy says Chapman is cold and Chapman replies “Bitches gots to learn.” Everyone is uncomfortable again.


Mustache hauls Tricia’s body up and wraps an extension cord around her neck, preparing to fake her suicide.


Chapman tells Doggett there’s a soul who needs a miracle in the bathroom. They just left a teenage kid alone in the bathroom?

Scared straight!

The girls do not want to go to prison. The inmates give parting advice, such as clean your room and don’t embezzle.


Doggett finds Dina. Oh, no. This is really horrible.

The Scared Straight kids are leaving and they hear Dina screaming for help. Doggett is on Dina’s back, trying to heal her against her will. Yikes.

oitnb_Doggett Heals

Bennett maces Doggett and takes her to the Psych Ward. OK, that’s an interesting comeuppance for Doggett, but that last bit cannot have been the original plan. What was the long game they were working on before?

Bell radios that the tour is over and the kids are getting sent out right now. Nice Fischer tells her not to take the kids through Corridor B. Fischer and Caputo are looking at Tricia’s hanging corpse. Poor Tricia.


A medical team removes Tricia’s body. Nichols comforts a crying Boo. Healy notes that there’s a lot of touching going on, and Caputo tells him to put a lid on it. Healy watches Alex hug Chapman as Mustache oozes away from the scene of his crime.

Red’s lair!

Red gets to a private enough place and starts crying. Nichols comes in and Red says she blames herself: She’d intended to let Tricia back into the family after she’d learned a lesson.

Nichols explains that Tricia overdosed and didn’t really hang herself, but Red knows it’s all suicide. She feels responsible. Nichols confesses to helping Mustache get his drugs inside. Red says she’d sent Tricia to detox hoping an investigation would happen and the drug trafficking would stop. Nichols didn’t know that. She says Red was right not to trust her.

Red trusts Nichols even after the betrayal because she knows Nichols will do what’s right.

Red says it’s down to her and Nichols now. And she wants Mustache taken out.

oitnb_Red Nichols

Hell, yeah, we’re all coming back for the next episode. See you then.

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