“Orange is the New Black” recap (1.10): Bora Bora Bora

Prison yard!

A school bus full of Scared Straight delinquent kids pulls up. The guards are surprised that one girl is in a wheelchair.

Dining hall!

Big Boo approaches Doggett and asks to be cured of her lesbian thoughts so she can better care for Little Boo and maybe have non-gay kids someday. Doggett puts Boo on her knees and asks that she be cleansed of filth. Boo: “Yeah, I’m still seeing filth.” Doggett tries again and Boo says she’ll try picturing the 2008 U.S. Women’s Soccer team. Nothing! Boo begs Doggett to change her back to gay as Doggett walks away in triumph. Boo exchanges sneaky congratulatory fist bumps with Chapman.

Tricia is really not looking good. She asks Nichols to tell Red she’ll make things right.

Mustache announces work detail. The Scared Straight team could not be more excited. Mustache spots Tricia’s messed-up state and locks her in a closet so she won’t alert the entire planet to his drug operation with her increasingly pale face.

Tricia’s flashback!

She’s trying to pay for headphones that she “borrowed” from a store a couple of years ago. When the clerk gets the manager, she pockets a necklace. The manager tells her not to come there anymore. Tricia runs out and catches the attention of a cop.

Scared Straight!

The kids are in prison orange; the inmates are in their most bad-ass poses. Then the inmates all run up and commence with the scaring part. Oh, sweet wonderful Shesus, Crazy Eyes is performing Shakespeare from memory. And she’s damn good.

oitnb_Group Scaring

The inmates are having a great time when Bell, the visiting room guard, whispers to Pousséy to go over and scare the girl in the wheelchair. Pousséy does not want that job. She takes a couple of verbal swings, but that kid is a bad-ass and completely throws Pousséy off her scaring game. Holy crap, the kid robbed a liquor store and has her own gang.

Most of the girls are crying, but Bell wants 100% success. She wonders where Tricia is, since it’d be good for the kids to be frightened by someone their own age.

Rec room!

Doggett is healing up a storm and starting to put more flair into it. Chapman says what they’re doing is evil. Alex counters that this is Divine retribution.

Mustache wishes that he could put Doggett’s service on YouTube, and Bennett asks him where Tricia is. Mustache lies his ass right off. Maybe Doggett can heal it back on.


The scared straight kids are getting a tour of the showers. The inmates try to scare them with the unsanitary conditions, then when Chapman walks in they try to scare them with the threat of prison rape. Goddammit, Bell brings up dropping the soap. I guess she watches The L Word too. Chapman isn’t playing and says she uses body wash. The others swear that Chapman is a stone-cold lesbian who will put them through their paces.

The bad-ass in the chair calls this out as just a put-on. Bell calls Chapman to the side and asks her to help out. For the children.


Mustache goes to get Tricia, who is not waking up. The baggie he gave her is empty.

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