“Orange is the New Black” recap (1.10): Bora Bora Bora



Oh, no. Mustache spots Tricia. She turns down drugs, so Mustache says she can distribute. Mustache says all those blow jobs weren’t real payment for the drugs, and now she owes him. She has to sell a big bag of pills before he’ll call it even.


Rec room!

Doggett is preaching. …And trying to faith heal. Her first customer doesn’t seem to be healed in the sense that most of us think of it, but she’s game. Chapman and Alex look on. Watson’s also watching, and much more vocally skeptical. Watson says that if Doggett is so filled with the Holy Spirit, she can heal Watson’s bum knee.

After a little goading, Doggett comes over and lays on hands. Watson looks stunned, then brightens way up and says she’s healed. We all start to worry that this is going to turn into that show, then Watson slides by Alex and Chapman and grins. Some serious messing with Doggett has begun.

Chapman’s flashback!

Larry is chilling at Pete and Polly’s place, plant-sitting, when Piper lets herself in with her key. She just got bitten by a dog and needs some first aid. Turns out she and Larry had been planning on seeing the same band that night. Piper checks out Larry as he blithers a little, makes jokes, and tries to take care of her. Larry advises Piper to take a bath to clean the cut and says he’s going to order Chinese.

Visiting room!

It’s been so long since Claudette’s had a visitor that the guards thought her name on the list was a joke. She walks in, and there is handsome Baptiste. They hug.

Nichols’ cube!

Morello asks Nichols what she thinks of Bora Bora Bora for a honeymoon. She’s pretty sure that third Bora is in there. Morello wonders if Christopher can be persuaded away from Spain when his heart is so set.

Oh, dear, Tricia still hasn’t reached Mercy. Morello tells Nichols that Tricia came by the kitchen to give Red “an olive.” Nichols thinks Red should lighten up since Tricia turned herself in for Red and got more time on her sentence; Morello can see Red’s point because it’s obvious that Tricia’s the one who told Mustache how Red’s operations works. So Morello’s intuition isn’t perfect after all.

oitnb_Nichols upset

Morello wonders if Nichols is still mad that they’re not sleeping together anymore. Morello admits that she misses it too, but can’t cheat on Christopher. Uh-oh. Nichols isn’t playing anymore. She calls out the fact that Christopher hasn’t visited Morello since the third week of her sentence and everyone knows it and is just politely playing along. Oh, that was cruel. Morello sads off as a worried and chalky-faced Tricia looks at her account book.

Tricia’s flashback!

Tricia stumbles out of someone’s car. She’s definitely homeless and probably tweaking. Her old pal has a job and a place to live now. Old pal looks OK. She offers Tricia a place to crash. Tricia says no, but she’ll take some leftovers at the park where she’s staying.

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