Oprah’s 12 Best Lesbian Moments

6. "From Quarterback to Lesbian" Feb. 2010

Oprah talked to former high school football hero turned lesbian filmmaker, Kimberly Reed, who discussed Prodigal Son, her documentary about her life as a MTF. Her mom and partner joined in on the talk as well. Said Kim’s mom Carol, "With me, it was never a question of, ‘Do I believe in the Bible?’ I believed in my child. I believed that this child was thoughtful, intelligent. … I just knew that this was a decision that was painfully arrived at."

5. "Sex and the City Cast Reunion" May 2008

While sitting on the couch next to her SATC co-stars, Cynthia Nixon talked about being in a relationship with a woman, and how she didn’t care if her partner was a man or a woman. When Oprah asked how that worked, Cynthia quipped, "You haven’t met my girlfriend."

4. “Wives Who Confess They are Gay" Oct. 2006

Inspired by the book Living Two Lives: A Married Women’s Guide to Loving Women, guests were author Joanne Fleisher and women who had come out later in life — including Nikki Weiss of The Real L Word. The episode won a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Talk Show Episode.

3. "Women Leaving Men for Other Women"

Jackie Warner and her employee/one-time-girlfriend Rebecca Condon Skyped in to talk about straight women who begin to experience later-in-life feelings for other women. Also on the show, Carol Leifer, whose appearance corresponded with a feature in that month’s O magazine. Rebecca said of Jackie: "I couldn’t get enough of her!" 

2. "When I Knew I Was Gay" Nov. 2005

A mother’s relationship with her gay daughter is strained after she came out and found a girlfriend. Oprah encouraged the mother to understand her daughter and love her for who she is. “It was like walking into a nightmare!” Kim said of her daughter’s coming out. “I was irate. I was hysterical. My dreams for Amanda died. My whole life flipped upside down.” But Oprah supported Amanda, and told Kim,“You really can’t do better than a 10-year-old having the courage to tell you.” 

1. "An Oprah Exclusive Event: Ellen DeGeneres and Her Wife Portia de Rossi" Nov. 2009

Ellen candidly discussed her coming out, losing her sitcom, and building herself up again both personally and professionally — all while being an out lesbian. Wife Portia joined in the discussion for how great it was to be so in love and able to be married. She told Oprah, "It’s a legal stamp of validity. It’s hard to know it feels until it happens. I hope everyone gets to have that feeling. The thing about being a gay couple is that, in the past, you referred to your wife and there was quotation marks around it and people could snicker about it. Now, it’s fact, it’s law — she’s my wife. I get to say she’s my wife and it’s a fact."

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