Oprah asks resident lesbian chief of staff Libby Moore for some help with using the word “gay”


As part of the final season of Oprah’s syndicated daytime chat fest, she had cameras follow her and her staff around Harpo for the new OWN series, Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes. A recent episode included Oprah’s staff telling her she’s said something potentially offensive that should be edited out of an episode.

On one of the first episodes of the 25th season, Oprah had author Terry McMillan and her gay ex-husband Jonathan Plummer on to discuss how their relationship was post-divorce. During the taping, Oprah told Jonathan that he “seemed gayer now,” a comment that prompted the head of Harpo public relations to call Oprah up to discuss because it was potentially offensive.

Check out the clip.

There are a number of things I appreciate here and that outlets like, oh, say, CNN and most of the rest of the media could learn from. First off, it’s great the publicist is aware enough of these issues that she calls Oprah. I also appreciate that Oprah is open to this kind of feedback without getting her hackles up. But what I most appreciated was Oprah saying, “Hmm, I’m straight so perhaps I’m not the one best equipped to answer this question. Let’s ask some gay folks!” And she didn’t ask just one, but several, including lesbian Chief of Staff at Harpo, Libby Moore.

If only more folks thought that way.I already thought Oprah was pretty awesome, and this just made me like here that much more.

Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes airs Fridays at 8pm ET/PT on OWN.


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