“Once Upon A Time” recap: “We Are Both” (2.2)


In the town hall, while Ruby tries to keep everyone calm as they wait for the prince, Regina makes the grandest entrance of all entrances.

The Evil Queen is back and she means business. Regina catches an arrow in her bare hand  and magically sets it (and my heart) aflame.

Ruby bravely asks, “What do you want?!”  Henry weasels out and offers to go with Regina as long as she leaves them alone and she struts out like the badass evil biatch she is.

Prince Charming is outside chasing down the Mad Hatter when he is stopped by Ruby, who reminds him of the Epic Speech he promised the townspeople.

He eventually gives in to those stunning blue eyes and goes with her.

As soon as Regina and Henry get home, Henry tries to jump out a window, but like her mother, Regina has set up a booby trap to keep him in. They have a heart to heart, and Regina tries to tempt him to stay with the promise of magic and two mommies cupcakes, but he says he doesn’t want to be like her.

On Young Regina’s wedding day, Cora opens the gift Rumple has left – a looking glass. Regina tries to push her mother through it, but Cora stopped her with magic. Using the power of a lifetime of mommy issues, Regina breaks through the magic and shoves Cora into the mirror.

On the edge of town, the Prince makes a speech about accepting both their storybook selves AND Storybrooke selves and promises the queen won’t hurt them. Though, “as long as I’m alive” is usually a way to sign one’s own death warrant, so sweet David might be doomed. But his speech is Ruby approved, so for now it’s okay.

Still high off the success of his speech, Prince Charming and his sword gallivant to the mayor’s house. But before he can use it, Regina tells Henry that she doesn’t want to keep him there like a prisoner. He’s free to stay with Grandpa Charming, but she plans to redeem herself.

Regina’s trying to turn over a new leaf, but isn’t quite ready to burn her bridges yet, so she tucks the spellbook into a secret safe instead of tossing it in the fire.

And FINALLY, we see Emma and Mary Margaret…being dragged like slaves to the ends of the Enchanted Forest. Mulan leads them to a little village, and when they get there, Snow White kicks them free and they try to make a run for it. Mulan knocks her out by chucking a giant ball and chain at her and throws them into a pit. Someone calls out to them from the shadows and when Emma asks who it is, she introduces herself…as Cora!

What did you think of “We Are Both”?

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