“Once Upon A Time” recap: The Big Rotten Apple (2.14)


Back at The Front, the commander casually calls the new leather saddles they’re going to ride into battle on cows, meaning the Seer was right. Rumple starts crumpling. In his panic, instead of realizing that you have to take everything the Seer says with a grain of salt – just as the cows weren’t literally moo-beasts, “fatherless” might not mean “with a dead father” – he puts himself through Misery and gets the next ride out on the wounded wagon.

In present-day New York, Gold goes all Spencer Hastings and breaks into his son’s apartment to wait for him. Emma notices right away that Neal still has the dreamcatcher from the days of yore and looks at it longingly. Gold asks what she saw and she tries to play it off as nothing, but Gold knows she’s lying because everyone’s better at that than she is.

Neal comes back and tells his father to leave her alone and instantly Emma gets mega-awkward and Gold can tell they know each other. Henry comes out of the bathroom he had been sent to hide in and decides this would be a good day to keep calling Emma “Mom,” making Neal demand to know how old Henry was. Henry tells him he’s eleven then asks WHY ARE WE YELLING?

Back in the Enchanted Forest, a newly injured Rumpelstiltskin comes limping home to see his beautiful wife holding a newborn child. She’s not too pleased to see him, however, because Rumors had spread about how he earned his leave and Helena Peabody does not have time for the weak and afraid. The Seers prophecy was, as prophecies tend to be, self-fulfilling, and in trying to avoid leaving his son fatherless, Rumps set the ball in motion that would eventually lead to his being separated from his son.

In Storybrooke hospital, Stranger Greg is up to no good, as per usual. This time, he caught Regina’s Merlin act on his camera phone. I can’t wait to see what Regina does when she finds out someone who wasn’t Emma was videotaping her doing magic.

After Hook helps the dynamic duo decode the map, they reward him with a swift knock to the head. Cora still has Regina’s rapt attention because she tells her that her plan is to use the Dark One’s dagger to control Mr. Gold and make him kill their enemies, that way their enemies are gone and Regina still looks innocent to Henry. I’m still not entirely sure what Regina’s game is here….part of me is pretty sure she’s just playing along until she can exact her revenge once and for all.

On the fire escape back in Manhattan, Henry is complaining that Emma lied to him, he says she’s just like Regina, because she lied to him too. I think the kid’s just greedy. He has TWO mommies and he’s STILL not happy. Emma thought she was an orphan for like 28 years, he’ll survive.

While those two chat outside, Gold is inside offering to make things right with Baelfire. His plan, however, involves magic and making him forget everything that has happened since he was 14. But just like Tara said to Willow, he has no interest in having his memory tinkered with. Bael is still pretty bitter about having been literally let go of, so he’s doing the same in the more metaphorical sense now.

Back in time, the Dark One encounters the Seer again, all grown up. She speaks of fate and how you can’t escape it, how it can’t be changed. She uses her creepy palm-eyes and to tell him that he’ll find his son again, but not until a curse is made and broken. He’s not satisfied with her answers and wants to see for himself, so he takes her powers. He realizes that seeing the future isn’t like looking at a photo album, but instead is more like one of those 9000 piece puzzles you think is a great craft project until it’s taking up an entire table and you think you might have lost some pieces under the couch.

Before taking her final breath, the Seer grants him one more clear vision. She says that a young boy will lead him to his son and that said boy will be his “undoing.” Shiny Rumpelstiltskin is unfazed by this and says simply that he shall have to kill him.

Next week on Once Upon A Time, we might get to see more of Regina, and Gold gets Hooked.

What did you think of “Manhattan”? (I personally thought it was a little too Gold and lacking some much-needed Red.)

Here are some of our favorite #SwanQueen tweets from this week:

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