“Once Upon A Time” recap: Take Me Down the Rabbit Hole (2.19)

In Storybrooke, the Sheriff finds Gold and apologizes for scamming on his girl, and Gold decides to beat him senseless with his cane, just for old time’s sake. Lacey turns the corner and witnesses this and is amused. She smiles at Gold and says he’s not what she thought he was, and that she was glad for it.

Meanwhile, Regina does this awesome thing where she magically lights up the tire tracks of the Charming truck and follows them back to the fields. At first she just sees empty space, but she quickly uncloaks the beans and looks quite mischievous.

While all of this was going on, Stranger Greg and Tamara the Tricky were being as shady as shady can be. You see, while everyone else was worrying about family trees, beans, and tramps, Tamara was out picking up their new secret weapon – Hook. Greg isn’t so sure this plan is going to work, but Tamara assures him that the enemy of your enemy is your friend, and that a pirate is always good for some dirty work.

Finally, our hiatus days are over. Join me for the final weeks of this epic adventure!

Here are some of our favorite #SwanQueen tweets from Lacey:

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