“Once Upon A Time” recap: Take Me Down the Rabbit Hole (2.19)

Across town, Emma is sitting on a bench by the water, trying to think of a way to get everyone to quit fighting and let her and Regina raise Henry together in peace, when the mayor herself approaches. They talk of Henry and of Baelfire and his sudden reappearance and oh, what a tangled web they weave. Emma looks deep into Regina’s eyes and pleadingly asks Regina to do whatever she can to be the person Henry wants her to be. She doesn’t want Regina to lose him. Regina can tell Emma is hiding something, possibly because Emma is as subtle as a bull in a china shop, but more likely because she was staring so intently at the face she knows so well.

At Granny’s Diner, Granny looks at Lacey with curious eyes and wonders if she’s been borrowing her girlfriend’s clothes, because she had been hoping Belle would be a good influence on her granddaughter, not the other way around. Gold and Lacey try to make small talk, but Lacey soon gets something on her shirt and excuses herself to the little girl’s room aka out the back door. This is probably not the best idea in a small town, but hilarious nonetheless.

Flash back to Fairytale Land, where Rumpelstiltskin is hunting the thief, Belle nipping at his heels with talk of inherent goodness. Though, she’s beginning to wonder if she was seeing things when she thought she saw a glimmer of good beneath his shiny gold skin.

The duo is approached by a band of men, though they are far from merry. The leader of the pack is the guy from the bar, who turns out to be Sheriff of Nottingham. Rumple takes the sheriff’s tongue out and offers to give it back in exchange for information. The sheriff agrees and tells him that his thief is in Sherwood Forest and goes by Robin Hood.

At the diner, present-day, Gold starts to worry about Lacey, and goes to look for her. She was probably looking for Ruby, but she found the Sheriff wandering around, so decided he’d do for a quick makeout sesh in the alley to get the taste of polite small talk out of her mouth. Gold is, once again, displeased.

In Sherwood Forest, Rumple and Belle find Robin Hood. He is Captain Morganing around behind some trees, waiting for something. A wagon approaches with a dying woman on it. Belle’s like “Even YOU wouldn’t kill a man who’s just trying to save someone’s life, right?” And Rumple’s like YUP I WOULD. Then Robin and the woman kiss and Belle’s like, “But they’re in LOVE, you wouldn’t kill him NOW would you?” And Rumple’s like YUP STILL WOULD. Then the woman stands up and it’s clear that she is very pregnant and Belle’s like “OK, seriously? You have to draw the line somewhere.” And Rumple doesn’t say anything, but loses an arrow. The arrow misses and hits the wagon, and Robin Hood and Not-A-Maid-Anymore Marion scurry off.

Belle knows Rumpelstiltskin spared the thief’s life and says she knew there was some good in him after all. He takes her back to his castle, and shows her the library. He plays it off like he wants her to clean it, but she knows he’s being kind. She tells him that he’s not what she thought he was, and that she was glad for it.

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