“Once Upon A Time” recap: Take Me Down the Rabbit Hole (2.19)

Gold storms into Regina’s office to demand an explanation for what happened to Belle, but Regina is sassy and is all, “Do I LOOK like a pirate?” And no, no she does not.

She explains that Belle’s memory was lost and that only her cursed memories remain now. True love’s kiss might break the curse, but that there’s no way Lacey would love Gold the way Belle did. Her words make it almost sound like it could maybe be an apology, but her tone and her smirk imply that she is anything but sorry.

In Fairytale Land, where Belle is The Dark One’s captive, a thief finds his way into the castle and tries to steal a magic wand. Rumple apparates all around the room while the Thief boasts about his magical bow that always find its mark. The arrow did find Rumple, but the Dark One plucks it from his chest with a giggle and tells the Thief that he will pay. Later, Belle sneaks down to the dungeon free the Thief, because she’s as sweet as Sweet Marley Rose and all she sees is sunshine. Thief offers to take her with him but she made a promise and her escape would mean the death of many others, so she must stay.

When Rumple returns, he is displeased, because the Thief ended up stealing the wand anyway. The Dark One says that people who steal magic never have good intentions, but Belle says they can’t judge a thief by his breeches. As punishment for her insolence, she must go with Rumple to watch him hunt down and kill this Thief.

Present-day, down the Rabbit Hole, Lacey is doing shots like a champ. A fellow approaches but she quickly says ‘not my type’ in a way that makes it seem as though she’d be more into Ruby. When he scoots away, Gold takes his seat, because Charming somehow convinced him to ask her out on a date the old-fashioned way. Lacey is intrigued by Gold, only because she hears the people in this town are afraid of him, but in case the date will be lame, she picks Granny’s in hopes to catch a glimpse of Li’l Red.

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