“Once Upon A Time” recap: Take Me Down the Rabbit Hole (2.19)


After Gold leaves, Regina stops by to visit Belle and sees that she is packing up her things. She tells the Mayor that Gold is going to help her remember who she was, but from the gleam in her eye, it seems Regina has another plan. She makes a matchbook appear and hands it to Belle. When Belle looks closely at it, her eyes light up and she says she finally remembers who she is. However, the eerie music and the perfectly wicked grin on Regina’s face makes me feel like she might not be our sweet little librarian.

The Charmings drive Emma — who is wearing what looks almost looks like one of Mary Margaret’s hats, but is made out of raincoat? — out to a secret magic bean field. She realizes her parents want to go back to the Enchanted Forest. They tell her that her happy ending could be there, but she knows her happy ending is wherever Regina is, and right now that means Storybrooke.

Back in Storybrooke Hospital, where the nurses wear old-fashioned uniforms because the mayor is kinda kinky, Gold can’t find Belle. All that’s left in her room is the matchbook Regina had given her. Gold follows this clue to a dive bar called The Rabbit Hole, where Belle goes by Lacey and is dressed like Season 1 Ruby. And her hair. I just — just look.

Lacey remembers Mr. Gold as “the guy who visited her in the hospital” but she remembers who she is now, and it’s certainly not that Belle character he kept going on about.

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