“Once Upon A Time” recap: Stranger Danger (2.12)

Back in Mayor Regina’s abandoned house, Cora is rifling through her room, sniffing things (which is really only okay when Ruby does it) and comes across something Henry made for Regina once. She gets that light-bulb look that makes me nervous and suddenly we’re watching Henry walk directly towards Regina’s Tomb of Hearts, all by himself. Seems suspicious.

Henry wanders around, calling out to Regina, while Regina watches from her gorgeously creepy room of mirrors and mannequins.

Soon after she invites him in, however, she discovers it’s really Cora. She swears she loves her and that she regrets forcing her to marry the king. She brings up the time Regina cried over her coffin as a turning point for her, but she never apologized for killing Daniel right in front of her, so I’m not inclined to believe her. I think Cora is trying really hard to emulate genuine remorse, but I don’t think she’s capable of actually feeling it.

Regina says that the only way they have a chance of fixing their relationship is if Cora tells the truth about Jiminy, and Cora agrees. Regina doesn’t care that it’s the middle of the night — she wants to talk to Emma immediately. I’m not kidding. This isn’t me and my lesbian-colored glasses (this time). Cora asks her where she’s going and she literally says, with a tear in her eye, that she’s going to find “Emma. And Henry. And the Two Idiots.”

Out on the docks, Ruby has used that pretty little nose of hers to track down Whale. She uses her super-speed to stop him from jumping into the lake and then uses her super-words to calm him down. He points out the real-life fact that everyone thinks Frankenstein is the monster, not the scientist, and that maybe they’re right because, like magic, science has its price. Ruby doesn’t stand for pity and is like, “You raised your brother from the dead and he killed your father? Pssh. I literally ate my boyfriend. Ate him right up. Like he was one of Granny’s apple pies.” She tells him that they have the chance to start over and that they should take it and I swoon all over the place as Ruby quietly saves the day.

Finally emerged from her underground lair, Regina is driving Cora to confess her sins. Cora spews more manipulative stories and I really hope that Regina is just playing along and sees all of this for what it is. I truly feel like she must – in a student surpasses the teacher kind of way.

In Black and White World, Frankenstein is attacked by his zombie brother, who he is keeping in a cell. Just like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Viktor’s brother can’t control himself and fears his own strength. The good doctor attempts to put him out of his misery — but he can’t do it. He’s determined to save him.

Whether or not he’s able to save his brother is left to be determined, but in present-day Storybrooke, Dr. Whale has saved Greg’s life. Relieved, the group wants to storm in as Team Charming, like they always do, but Emma is the only one with real-world experience, so she knows it’s best not to scare poor Greg.

Gold returns to Belle’s side with Chip. He tries to get Belle to remember who she once was, but she is truly terrified of this creepy man. Then, in what may be the most horrific thing that has happened on this show to date - BELLE MURDERED CHIP! Just threw her little companion clear across the room! He shattered to pieces. He may have been inanimate in this story, but somewhere deep inside, a five-year-old me wept.

Gold goes back to his shop and uses his new toy to play a quick game of “Where in the World is Baelfire San Diego?”. Armed with knowledge, he storms off to Casa Charming, where the big, happy family is chatting about Whale — Snow pulling a Ross again and exclaiming “We were cursed!” in defense of her sleeping with him. Rumple is there to cash in on the favor Emma owes him and is taking her with him on his hunt for his son. 

At the hospital, after Emma does her awkward, not-obvious-at-all Sheriff impersonation, Greg gets off with a warning for texting and driving, but is free to go as soon as the doctor clears him. But as soon as she leaves, Greg calls someone in his phone labeled just “Her” and says he saw something she wouldn’t believe. DAMMIT GREG. And knowing Greg, he’s probably the type that always dreamed he’d be the one to find out something supernatural was real, which means he’s about to bring a heap of trouble to Storybrooke.

Here are a few of our favorite #SwanQueen tweets this week!

And just as a reminder that evil is real, Once Upon A Time isn’t going to be on for three more weeks… So hash out your feels in the comments! Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode, and what your hopes and dreams are for the rest of the season!

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