“Once Upon A Time” recap: Jack the Giant Hottie (2.13)

As it turns out, all that glitters is not gold, and even though Jacqueline was lovely to look at, she was actually the very Jack the Giant Slayer whose bones we had seen a few episodes before, lying on the floor of Tiny’s Treasure Room. And since he took his role as Evil Twin quite literally, Charming’s brother barely took a second look at the woman before hightailing it out of there.

Papa gives Tiny a stalk to plant somewhere, someday, so new magic beans can grow. Flash forward to present day Storybrooke, where Tiny gives the Charmings his magic stalk (ew, not like that) and says someday they might be able to go back. But good luck protecting baby plantlings from all the evil afoot in Storybrooke.

Grumpy strides up to the little giant and tells him they should all work together to plant these magic beans, so Hurley takes the axe Grumpy hands him, and even though the axe didn’t do so much as tremble in the hands of the acclaimed Prince Charming, as soon as the friendly giant clutched it in his giant paws, the name “Tiny” spread across it.
So Tiny the Giant is a Dwarf now and they all whistle their theme song as they set to work.

At the hospital, Greg The Stranger creeps into Belle’s room and tells her that he, too, saw odd and mysterious things and that, unlike all the doctors, he doesn’t think she’s crazy.

Next week, Emma, Henry and Gold land in NYC, the place where the season began…

Take a look at some of our favorite #SwanQueen tweets from this week:

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