“Once Upon A Time” recap: Get Off My Porch (2.17)


Regina opens her front door to find Snow White waiting on her welcome mat. Mary Margaret looks her in the eye and asks her to end all of the feuding between them, asks her to kill her. So Regina rips Snow’s heart right out and points to a dark spot on it. Regina’s too amused by this to give Snow the satisfaction of dying, so she plops it right back in where it belongs, feeling assured that she’ll destroy her own family and Regina will get the happy ending she’s been vying for all this time after all.

Creeping in the bushes, Stranger Greg caught this whole heart-stealing business on camera. And sure enough, his key chain is the one Stranger Dad gave Little Owen. And once again, I find myself yelling at the television: DAMMIT GREG!!

Next week on Once Upon A Time, Neal’s fiance might not be as good as she is pretty and we might actually figure out where the hell Pinocchio has been all this time

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