“Once Upon A Time” recap: Eat (or Rip) Your Heart Out (2.16)


In Storybrooke, Snow is in the Chamber of Heartbeats and finds Cora’s glowing orb. She lights the Death Candle and whispers “Beetlejuice” I mean, “Cora” into it three times.  While this is going on, Gold calls Belle from his deathbed. She apologizes again for not remembering who he is, or who she is even, and he says that’s okay because he knows who she is. He knows that she’s a hero who helped her people, a beautiful person inside and out, and that she made him the best version of himself and to never forget that. I kind of wished he had thrown in a “You belong with Ruby anyway” in there, but it’s his final goodbye, so he can do what he wants with it.

Regina finds and confronts Mary Margaret, who tells her that the only way to get Cora to love her is to put her (cursed) heart back into her mother. Luckily, Snow is a better liar than her daughter, so Regina is actually considering this option.

David finds Mary Margaret with her head in her hands, rocking back and forth, in the middle of the cemetery, mumbling to herself. She hasn’t even succeeded in killing Cora yet and she’s already having mental breakdowns about it. She realizes that she made a horrible mistake.

Sure that she’s going to finish him off, Rumpelstiltskin has one final question for the Queen of Hearts — “Did you ever love me?” She answers, “Why do you think I had to rip my own heart out?” And I think we can all relate to that on some level, amiright?

Regina surprises Cora by shoving her heart back in her body, and the smile Cora donned was so warm and full of love that it brought tears to Regina’s eyes.

But as quickly as it came, it went, for Cora now bears the wound that was just Gold’s. She collapses to the ground, and looks up into her daughter’s confused and panicked face. It was thanks to little infant Regina that the people she loathed eventually bowed to her, Regina’s existence gave her the power she always wanted, and eventually the crown. This is why, with her dying breath, she utters simply, “You would have been enough.”

And if seriously all they had to do was shove Cora’s heart back in her body all this time to make her a halfway decent human being, I’m a little upset no one thought of it sooner.

Regina holds her mother’s body in her arms and weeps, spitting blame at Rumpelstiltskin, who denies his involvement. Then, in true Idiot style, Mary Margaret storms in two seconds too late, not only unable to stop things, but also revealing that she knew what she had done, immediately putting a target square on that snow white forehead of hers. You can practically see Regina’s eyes flare red as she realizes who is responsible for her mother’s death.

Are you excited to see a Regina/Snow showdown once and for all? What did you think of “The Miller’s Daughter”?

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