“Once Upon A Time” recap: Eat (or Rip) Your Heart Out (2.16)

Back in Young Cora’s cell, Rumpelstiltskin is teaching a Master Class in Being Creepy. He tells her to channel her angriest moment and use it to control magic. On the surface, it almost seems like pillow talk, with shoulder nuzzling and the fire flickering, giving their faces a warm glow. But then you realize they’re talking about throats being ripped out and kneecaps being crushed and it’s extremely disturbing.

But it works, because the next day, Cora spins gold in front of the whole kingdom and the prince asks her for her hand in marriage.

Regina and Cora are shaking things up in Storybrooke — literally. They’re outside of Gold’s shop, throwing fireballs and being deliciously evil. When the bust through the door, Emma’s first line of defense is to try to reason with Regina but (probably because she’s afraid it will work) Regina cuts her off. They all stare each other down while Snow shimmies out the back door.

There’s a tussle a bit and, as usual, David is rendered useless almost immediately. Regina pins Emma to the wall, but Emma eventually gets Regina into a…compromising situation.

Cora hardly blinks before choosing to go after the Dark One’s knife over saving her daughter, I imagine because she knew Emma will never hurt her.Or because she’s evil and power-hungry. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

Flash back to Young Cora and Rumplestiltskin, somewhere in the King’s Castle, making out like a couple of teenagers. The little witch decides that she would rather just kill the king and run off with her shiny new toy than to be fifth in line for a throne that would never be hers. Young Cora and her cleavage have a proposition to amend the contract — the child Rumpelstiltskin gets to keep will be his own.

Young Cora marches into the King’s counting room and tells him that she doesn’t love his son. The Golden King is not surprised, and tells her that love is weakness and power is everything. She runs off to meet Rumple in the woods and tells him she chose not to kill the king, that she is going to marry the prince after all. She reveals that the heart in the box that she’s holding is her own, that she took it out so that nothing would cloud her judgment ever again.

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