“Once Upon A Time” recap: All Aboard the USS SwanQueen (2.22)

The adults start doing a celebration dance and realize that things are a little too quiet – where’s Henry? They run around the mine and they find his backpack – he has been kidnapped.

Cut to Stranger Greg and Tamara dragging Henry along, muttering their evil plans. Emma, Regina and the Charmings chase after them, but Duo and Henry jump into a portal before they can catch up. Gold and Lacey join them in time to see a ship returning to port – Hook came back. Gold tells them that he can figure out where they went, and they can use the magic bean to follow them. Everyone starts to climb on board. but Gold stops Belle and tells her that she can’t come with them, that he might not survive this journey. She needs to stay and put Storybrooke under a cloaking spell. She tells him she’s sure she’ll see him again but all I can think is “Ruby and Belle can be alone now”.

For the first time in a while, we flash now to present-day Fairytale Land, where a body is washed up on the shore. Our old friends Aurora and Mulan turn the body over to discover it’s none other than Neal “Baelfire” Cassidy. (Oh, Prince Wren is there too.)

Back in time, the Head Lost Boy shoves little Baelfire forward and asks if this is the boy Shadowman is looking for. It’s not, and according to the piece of paper, they’re looking for Henry — Head Lost Boy says not to worry, Peter Pan always gets his way.

In Storybrooke, Gold hops on board and uses his magic on a spindle-globe and finds out where Tamara and Stranger Greg took Henry — and it looks like they’re ALL off to Neverland.

And then, right before our very eyes, the USS SwanQueen sails happily into the sunset. Until Season 3, you beautiful lovebirds.

Before we get to this week’s tweets, I wanted to thank you all for tweeting along with me all season, and for your comments on these recaps. Once Upon A Time was a wonderful way to begin my AfterEllen journey; thank you for making it so much fun. And I’ll be recapping Mistresses when it premieres on June 3. See you then!

Let your finale feels out in the comments, and have a magical summer! ;)

Here are some of our favorite #SwanQueen tweets from the finale:

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