“Once Upon A Time” recap: All Aboard the USS SwanQueen (2.22)

At Gold’s shop, Lacey and Gold are drinking to the end of the world, and Lacey spills some whiskey. She tries to wipe it up with Bae’s shawl and calls it an “old rag” and Gold realizes he wants Belle back. He magically fixes Chip and gives her a shot of the blue potion in it.

And just like that, Belle is back. Gold looks into her beautiful eyes and says that he didn’t want to wake her up to die, but he needed her. And maybe it’s because I’ve been Ruby deprived for like eleventy million episodes, but in this moment, for the very first time, I actually ship Rumbelle.

Back at Granny’s, Emma tells Henry that Regina’s was a final act of heroism. Henry pulls a Stitch and is all, “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind!”  He tells them they have to save her, just like the time they saved her from the wraith, and for once, Henry’s whining actually results in something and Snow gets an idea. They can send the diamond through a magic bean portal instead of themselves. Emma’s all, “Don’t get my hopes up. Don’t promise me I can have Regina back if this won’t work.” But the Charmings tell her they have to try.

Hook is like “HELL to the no” and tries to skedaddle with the bean, but Emma reasons with that human side of him that appears every now and again, and he finally hands over his pouch, but not before Emma lets it spill that Baelfire was Henry’s father.

On the waters of Neverland, Bae finds Hook’s picture of his mother and starts attacking Captain Eyeliner with a sword. Hook tries to explain everything that happened between his parents and him, and says that they could be a family, that the ship could be his home. Bae would rather fend for himself with the Shadow than stay with the man who tore apart his family. His wish is soon granted when the Lost Boys return and carry him off.

Present-day, in the mines, Regina is still holding strong when the Charming clan shows up. They tell Regina their plan and before she can decide if she thinks it will work or not, Emma realizes that there’s nothing in Hook’s pouch. Hook has taken the last magic bean and set sail.

Things are looking dire, and Regina’s losing control, so the Charmings pretty much give up and settle in for a group hug. Emma calls her parents “Mom” and “Dad” for the first time, which leads Henry to go over to Regina, standing all alone. Regina tells Henry that she can’t hold on much longer. Emma is struck with an idea and says she might not be strong enough, but “MAYBE WE ARE.”

The Charmings run for cover and Emma joins her forces with Regina’s. 

Like Willow and Tara, like the Planeteers, like Emma and Regina themselves in the very first episode of this season – with their powers combined, they succeed. 

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