“Once Upon A Time” recap: All Aboard the USS SwanQueen (2.22)

Back on the Jolly Roger, Lost Boys clamber aboard the ship looking for the boy the Shadow dropped.  From the way the head of the Lost Boys (decidedly NOT Rufio) tells it, Shadowman is the worst. He doesn’t take well to liars, and will rip your shadow from your body. Which doesn’t sound all that bad, but Not-Rufio makes it seem like it might be rather painful.

After the Lost Boys leave, Bae pops out from his hiding space and is happy the pirates hid him. His naiveté keeps him from considering the fact that they might have their own agenda.

Up on deck, Hook teaches little Baelfire how to steer the ship while they chat and bond over their abandonment issues. Bae tells Hook that his father is the Dark One and the dagger he’s obsessed with is the only thing that can kill him. When Bae finishes, Hook looks at the boy like he might actually give a damn.

In Gold’s shop, present-day, Grumpy and his fellow dwarves are rooting around looking for Sneezy’s favorite mug because the Blue Fairy made a potion that will give him back his memory. Fortunately, the Blue Fairy made two doses of the magic memory returner, and Grumpy gives Gold the second one, telling him not to let Belle die as Lacey.

Over in the shady part of town, Charming and Hook find Stranger Greg and demand to see his beans, but Tamara appears out of nowhere and shoots. Charming chases her while Hook and Stranger Greg wrestle on the ground. Tamara has apparently never run away from anything before, because she looks over her shoulder so often that she trips and falls. Before Charming can — I don’t know, lecture her to death? Hook yells that he got a bean and that they need to leave.

Down in the mines, Regina and Emma – together – find the diamond. Regina tells Emma that she can slow down the process, but it won’t last too long. Emma asks how she’ll find them and Regina looks at her with big, sad eyes, and tells her that doing this will take everything she has. Realization stabs Emma, and she begs, there has to be another way.

Regina says there isn’t, that this is the only way. Her only request is that Emma tell Henry that it wasn’t too late for her to do the right thing. She lived her life the Evil Queen…she just wants to die as Regina.

Emma starts to walk away, but turns back to confess her love. Before she can get the words out, Regina starts the process of slowing the trigger, and Emma runs out of the mine.

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