“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.20): The Sisterhood of the Magical Cleavage


David goes after the baby, Robin Hood for the heart, and Rumple tells Emma and Hook to go for the dagger, which they say is easier said than done. Regina’s target is the necklace, but she’s thrown back. Zelena calls a flying monkey to her aid (and calls it “beautiful one” so I assume it’s Aurora) but David fends it off. Despite the fact that they already killed at least six flying monkeys at the dock last week, they’re careful with this one. Zelena calls Regina dark, saying she’s just as evil as Zelena is wicked. Regina gets a defiant look on her face and starts shooting a white light out of her palms where her fireballs usually go.

Zelena is a little startled and asks, “What are you doing?”

Regina simply responds, “Changing.”

OUAT 320-8

Zelena gets thrown backwards like she’s done to Regina so many times before. The Dark One’s dagger flies out of Zelena’s hands and Regina rips the pendant off her sister’s chest. The portal that had been forming behind them closes, and Zelena stumbles back, powerless. The flying monkey David had been dancing with turns into Little John (not Aurora…) and David grabs the baby, who is luckily (seemingly) unharmed.

Rumple is one magical hand-squeeze away from killing Zelena, but Regina picks up the dagger and stops him. She’s had enough with the murder and the mayhem. She’s ready to be good, including all that this entails, even if it means showing mercy to her enemy.

Because today Regina Mills is a hero.

Glinda takes Dorothy to see the wizard, who gives her magic slippers she can click three times and be gone. Glinda starts to thank the wizard, but the man behind the curtain isn’t a man at all. Zelena is full-on green now, and ready to embrace her wickedness. She banishes Glinda to the Enchanted Forest, and her magic pendant turns as green as her skin.

In Storybrooke, Zelena is in the jail cell in the sheriff’s office, wishing she were dead. Regina sits on the other side of the bars (for once). Regina tries to explain to Zelena that her life wasn’t as fancy free as she seemed to think it was from her spying. Regina tells her that she’s going to give her a second chance, like the one she got. People aren’t born wicked, they have wickedness thrust upon them. She can be good if she wants to, if she tries.

Oh and if she doesn’t play nice Regina will crush her heart.

OUAT 320-9

Regina takes Zelena’s pendant and tucks it away in her vault.

David brings the baby back to Mary Margaret and everyone is happy as can be. Hook apologizes to Emma for being the reason she doesn’t have her powers anymore, but she’s unfazed; she won’t need magic in Manhattan. She leaves him to introduce Henry to his baby uncle.

Rumplestiltskin, despite having JUST left his shop where he promised Belle (in exchange for her hand in marriage) that he wouldn’t succumb to the dagger’s dark magic and go after Zelena, shows up at Zelena’s cell. He had given Belle a fake dagger using a bait and switch move Peter Pan taught him and he now has the real one, which causes Zelena to panic. Her panic is well founded, though, because Rumple wastes no more time before turning her to glass and shattering her to smithereens.

Upon her demise, Zelena’s powers seep out of her pendant, out of the vault, and back to the symbols she carved in the ground. A portal starts to whirl into existence.

Looks like we’re going back in time whether we want to or not.

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