“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.20): The Sisterhood of the Magical Cleavage

The sister witches welcome Dorothy, but Glinda notices Zelena creeping and goes out to ask her if she’s okay. When Zelena turns around, Glinda sees she’s broken out in green hives of envy. Glinda promises no one is trying to take Zelena’s seat at the table, but Zelena found the Book Of Records and read the prophecy (but not Harry Potter, apparently). The prophecy says someone innocent will unseat the greatest evil. Glinda says she can still be either part of that prophecy, that if she believes she’s the evil it mentions, that’s what she will become.

Speaking of evil, in present-day Storybrooke, Zelena struts through the hospital, knocking down everyone in her path, including Regina. She steps over her sister and into the room where a little boy was just born, interrupting what she appropriately calls a Charming family moment. She snatches up the baby, says he represents innocence, and takes him away, leaving his parents frozen and helpless.

When the Charmings finally come too, David storms off in search of his son, but Regina stops him. He’ll just get himself killed. You read that right. Regina, who once would have loved nothing more than for him to walk into the arms of death, stops him. Emma and Hook show up and are pissed they missed the show. Emma confesses she has no powers but won’t elaborate on why.

OUAT 320-5“I…uh…left them in my other jacket?”

They’re at a loss of what they can do, but Henry says Regina can do it. Regina reminds him that she only has dark magic, but Emma tells her that she has light magic, too. She broke the memory spell with true love’s kiss, the lightest magic of all.

Henry chimes in and tells her that he knows he can do it. He knows there’s good in her. Robin Hood agrees, and so does Emma (not to be outdone). She was a villain once, but now she’s a hero.

OUAT 320-6“They love me, they really love me!”

It took them almost three seasons (well, less, since Regina was still evil for some of it) but everyone is finally on Team Regina.

Back in Oz, Zelena stumbles upon Dorothy fetching water from a well. Zelena says she’s not amused by the fact that a little girl is supposedly the one to defeat her, but Dorothy is confused…why would she want to defeat Zelena? You only defeat bad guys, silly. To prove her point, Zelena creates a fireball (easily). Dorothy, panicking, throws the bucket of water she’s carrying at the fireball to put it out, and is surprised when Zelena starts melting before her eyes.

Glinda thinks the universe gave Dorothy the power to melt Zelena, but Dorothy doesn’t want her seat, she just wants to go home, so Glinda offers to take Dorothy off to see the wizard. He’ll be a real boy now, since Zelena is destroyed; all her spells will have been broken. As they follow the yellow brick road, Zelena reforms, smiling wickedly.

Present-day Zelena places the baby on the fourth corner of her doodle and says Rumple will choose her next time and things will be different. Rumple vows to kill her in any timeline, but she ignores him as her magic starts to swirl around them.

Before the magic is complete, Team Charming shows up.

OUAT 320-7I know this is overly backlit, but I loved this shot.
The music wasn’t epic enough for this entrance.

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