“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.19): Check the Closet

Flash back to the missing year, where Charming is still insisting they kill him to cast the curse. Regina warns him that it won’t exactly tickle and rips his heart right out. He and Snow say their tearful goodbyes and she crushes his heart to dust over the potion, setting the curse into motion.

In present-day Storybrooke, Regina comes to and is so happy to see that Henry is okay that she kisses him on the forehead. A woosh and a flash and the curse is broken! The missing year has been found! They start with the important thing: Zelena’s weakness is light magic, and Emma is light magic, therefore Emma is Zelena’s weakness. Second most important thing is that it was Snow that cast the curse. Emma asks how that’s possible if they’re both still alive.

Flash back to the curse-casting, and Snow White has an idea, a last ditch effort to save her True Love. She asks to split her heart in two. She believes there’s enough love in it to keep Charming, her, and her baby alive. Regina doesn’t think it will work, but she tries it anyway. And sure enough, Charming comes to just before the curse starts bubbling.

In Storybrooke, Henry is telling Regina everything about Manhattan and his life in New York. He also asks about the man she was kissing as if it somehow didn’t scar him for life. When Regina says his name is Robin Hood, and Robin himself comes strolling in, Henry is quite delighted by this, because Robin Hood is a pretty awesome fairytale. (And that’s all I’ll give him.)

Meanwhile, Emma asks Hook what Zelena meant by saying it was his fault she was going after Henry. Hook tells her about the kissing curse and Emma is rightfully angry. She says he should have told her about the curse, should have let her make her own choices.

There’s one more thing the needs clearing up (well, one more thing for today). Snow says she didn’t send the message and the memory potion to Hook. But that was only Hook’s best guess, so if it wasn’t her, they have no idea who sent it.

But this flashback does. After Zelena mixed a helping of a forgetting potion into Snow White’s curse, she made a memory-saver for herself.

OUAT 319-9Oh, to be that bottle.
She also gives some to Rumple, and leaves him with the decision whether or not to take it. It won’t affect her either way, she’ll still have the dagger. Rumple equates memories with pain, so he’s about to take it, but then Neal leaps out of his skin, sends the potion off to Hook so he can get it to Emma, then falls back into Rumple.

In the Storybrooke cemetery, Henry re-mourns his father, now that he has all of his memories back. He asks Emma if it was a hard decision, to come back to Storybrooke, and she said, “Not after I remembered Regina’s face.” Just kidding. I wish. She said she knew it was what Henry would have wanted. Operation Cobra is still a go.

OUAT 319-10Operation Beanie is my favorite.

But Operation Cobra will have to wait a minute, because Mary Margaret’s baby is employing Operation Get Me Outta Here. Which is exciting because, based on the way they’ve been talking about this baby, it’s going to be a unicorn mermaid with fairy wings, but less exciting because it shortens their timeline against Zelena signficantly.

Next week, Team Charming finds a secret weapon in a little girl from Kansas.

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