“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.19): Check the Closet


In present-day Storybrooke, Emma figures out that Henry is missing. Regina wants to use a locator spell, but Emma uses the magic of technology to track his cell phone.

Meanwhile, at the docks, Hook and Smee are chatting with Henry about boats and Peter Pan (the story not his creepster great-grandfather who body snatched him) when they are attacked by flying monkeys. It’s snowing pretty hard, and the CGI budget is pretty much capped, so all Henry can see anyway are dark wings in the sky.

More monkeys come and Hook starts shooting at them, but he runs out of bullets. Luckily, Team Charming arrives just in time, Emma with her gun and Regina with her fireballs. They vaporize a good half-dozen of them, and I’m hoping Aurora wasn’t one of them.

When the monkeys are finally gone, Henry looks at Emma like, what the HELL is going on here? Emma apologizes for all the lying and the secrets and asks him if he trusts her. He says he does, so she asks him to believe in magic. He’s a little confused as to why his badass bail-bondsperson mother is suddenly talking about magic, but he really does trust her, so he takes the storybook from her. As soon as he touches it, all of his memories come flooding back.

He looks at Emma and says, “Mom” knowingly. He then looks at Regina and exclaims, “Mom!” because he finally remembers.

OUAT 319-6I love this little modern family.
Regina leads Henry over to Emma so she can kiss him, but just before Emma can break the curse, Auntie Zelena poofs him into her arms. Worried moms are worried.

OUAT 319-7Maybe you should hold hands! This is scary stuff!
But before Zelena can finish choking him to death, Emma makes her very best DOING MAGIC face and zaps her with a dose of light magic.

OUAT 319-8Magic is hard.
Zelena storms away, not unlike her sister, and Henry rushes to an unconscious Regina. 

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