“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.19): Check the Closet

Flash back to the missing year, where Robin Hood saves Regina from a booby trap in the castle Zelena is squatting in. Instead of thanking him, Regina snaps at him, because being back in the Enchanted Forest, Regina is slipping back into Evil Queen mode the same way I slip into Angsty Teenager mode when I spend too long at my parents’ house.

OUAT 319-4

Eventually, Team Charming finds Rumpelstiltskin in his cage, back to his delightfully insane self due to overcrowding in his brain. Belle uses True Love to get him to tell them how to stop Zelena. He does it in rhymes and riddles but he tells them. They have to use light magic, and they have to find Glinda the Good Witch, who has been banished to the Dark Forest.

Present-day, Team Charming is trying to figure out where to find the storybook. They call Gold’s shop, but Belle can’t find it there. Mary Margaret says a book “can’t just disappear” but my mess of a room and I would beg to differ. Regina suggests looking in a closet because of course she does.

As they tear off for the Charming Loft, Henry stops them mid-step. He is sick of being brushed off and demands answers. Emma puts on her Mom hat and “because I said so”s him into submission. He asks for her keys under the guise of losing his, but as soon as they’re gone, he tries to break into the yellow buggy. Hook catches him and asks him if he was keen on dying today. Henry says he was just going to drive, after exactly one poorly-executed lesson, to the nearest bus station in a town that is unfamiliar to him, and Hook suggests perhaps they try something different instead.

At the Charming Loft, everyone is rooting around in Mary Margaret’s things looking for the book. It’s really too bad no one in the room had any magic, or they could have done a simple summoning spell. Emma checks a trunk full of winter stuff to no avail, but then when Mary Margaret checks the same trunk, the book is there.

Regina wants to read about Zelena to find out whose heart she could have crushed to cast the Storybrooke curse. While she does that, Mary Margaret asks Emma why she didn’t see the gigantic book that was taking up half the trunk. Emma says she probably didn’t see it because she didn’t want to see it. She has a full on reality check, where she wonders (not for the first time) if Henry getting his memory back is the best thing. At this point, she knows it has to happen to save everyone, but she’s not loving the idea.

Back in the missing year, Regina, Snow White, and Prince Charming are on their way to find Glinda when Charming stops to pick Snow White a snowbell flower. Regina doesn’t care if they’re dancing daffodils from Wonderland, now is not the time for mushy crap. They stumble across a door in the middle of the forest, and Snow figures out the riddle. She steps through and, since her heart is pure, she disappears. Charming follows suit. Regina rolls her eyes and marches through, but she just comes out the other side in the same forest. She literally stomps back through and slams the door.

Snow and Charming find Glinda on the other side of the door, who was banished to a snowy wilderness, but looks no worse for wear.

OUAT 319-5No, seriously, can we see more of her? Please?
Glinda says only good witches can come through the door, and Snow White says, “Why,I’m not a witch at all.” Glinda says, “I know, I say that to all the girls.” She also says she knew Zelena once, their paths did cross. But Zelena gave into the dark magic and nothing Glinda could do could bring her down. She tells the Uncharmings that Zelena’s magic resides in the giant green brooch she wears all the time out in the open, and that only light magic can stop her. Snow knows this means it’s all up to Emma, and it’s her that decides to re-enact the curse, to get back to her daughter.

When they get back to Regina, she refuses to agree to this plan. The thing she loves most now is Henry, and she’s not sacrificing him. They talk in circles for a while until Charming says that Snow White has to be the one to cast the curse. He has to be the one to die. Snow is not loving this plan and says they’ll find another way. They always do.

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