“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.18): The liar, the witch, and the wardrobe


Regina extracts Cora from Mary Margaret and shoves her back through the portal. Emma, Belle, David, and Hook barge in and Belle tells them all Zelena’s planning on going back in time, because she has everything she needs, including “a resilient heart.”

Mary Margaret knows what Zelena wants, now. She wants to go back in time and kill Princess Ava, which means Mary Margaret will never have been born.

Emma says she imagines Regina will quit helping them, but Regina says no, because then Emma would never have been born.


Also Henry, possibly not even Regina. Hook is glad time travel plans never work, but David knows the baby is the key. Luckily this means they have time, albeit not much.

Flash back again to Cora giving birth to Zelena. She takes the baby, tucked into a basket, and says she has to give her away, to give herself her best chance. Unlike when Snow White or Emma gave up their babies, which was for the child’s best chance.

At the farmhouse, Rumple flirts with Zelena and then kisses her neck and kisses her and I’m torn because she’s so attractive and he’s so not. However, she catches on quickly and stops Rumple before he can get the dagger tucked in her boot. She says he lost his chance to ride in her TARDIS and sends him back to his cage.

OUAT 318-10Good job, Rumple, piss off the psychopath.

Regina and Mary Margaret do some adorable bonding and decide to leave the past behind them. Mary Margaret says she knows Regina feels things deeply, that she’s constantly fighting the darkness, and that she can win this. She can find happiness.

Regina goes to find Robin Hood and he promises to get her heart back.

Then the episode ended and they definitely did not kiss because they are not soulmates. Viva la SwanQueen!

Next week, Aurora comes back and we meet Glinda!

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