“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.18): The liar, the witch, and the wardrobe

At Regina’s house, present-day, Emma says her powers are growing by the minute, so she’ll be ready for Zelena soon, and Regina agrees. Mary Margaret offers to stay and help Regina clean, but Regina says she doesn’t want a heart-to-heart. Mary Margaret reminds us that she still has a little Snow White left in her when she says she doesn’t think a heart to heart is physically possible. This gets Regina to relent and she allows Mary Margaret to stick around.

Mary Margaret apologizes for killing Regina’s mother and Regina says she understands, because Cora killed Snow’s mother. She wonders aloud why Cora would hide Zelena from her, but they are interrupted by a noise upstairs. They follow it to a room, and as soon as they get up there, the door is blown off its hinges. “Heartless” Regina instinctively protects the baby.

OUAT 318-6

A ghostly Cora takes shape before them.

In Granny’s Diner, Emma shows off her powers by making a cup of hot cocoa disappear and reappear clear across the room. Then she giggles and makes Hook’s hook hang from the chandelier.

OUAT 318-7All that SwanQueen magic-making is paying off.

Hook is still feeling grumpy because she’s being extra adorable and he can’t force his kisses on her without stealing all this new magic. Before she can make his ‘tude disappear, Belle comes rushing in—she knows what Zelena is cooking up.

And what Zelena is cooking up is an extra helping of cleavage.

OUAT 318-8Also flying monkey pot pie?

She sits Rumple down at a table in the farmhouse for a nice dinner. Zelena knows he wants to know her secret, because she can reunite him with her son. He points out that he’s dead, but Zelena says he wasn’t always that way. She’s going to go back in time. Rumple argues that it’s against the fundamental laws of magic, but Zelena points out that this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Zelena offers to take Rumple with her to go back in time and never give Baelfire up.

At the mayor’s manor, Ghost Cora lunges at Mary Margaret and Regina leaps in front of her and demands answers. She knocks Regina out of the way to get to Mary Margaret again, but Regina recovers quickly and poofs them into the library. She tries to hold Ghost Cora off, but she won’t be able to do it forever.

Flash back to Cora and Prince Leopold walking through the forest. Cora teaches him how to build a fire, and he laments that he has to meet Princess Ava tonight, his betrothed. Cora says he should be able to choose his own fate, and apparently wins that argument, because before you know it, she’s dressed in flashy clothes and has a real gold ring on her finger. The gardener comes back and says he had to know if the commoner marrying Prince Leopold was her. He blackmails her, saying she needs to give him money or he’ll squeal about the bastard child in her belly. And she might have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for that blasted Princess Ava, who overheard everything.

Mary Margaret tries to apologize to Ghost Cora but Regina says she’ll have to go through her. She asks what Cora did to Zelena, but Ghost Cora zaps them both. Mary Margaret has a vision.

Princess Ava had squealed on Cora, so Prince Leopold banishes her for being untrue. Princess Ava promises him a baby pure as snow.

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