“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.18): The liar, the witch, and the wardrobe

Regina is impressed that she has the gall to stand up for herself, but she uses Rumple as leverage to get Belle to agree to help. She’s been doing research, but it would help if she knew why it needed to be Regina’s heart, specifically. Regina has no idea.

Though she has no idea why her heart is so special, she does have an idea of what they can do to get one up on Zelena, and for it, she needs the two-sided candle that killed her mother.

Flash back to Cora the Bar Wench.

OUAT 318-4

A gentleman asks her to sit and calls her a lady, flirting up a storm. She notices the royal emblem on his handkerchief, and he says he’s Prince Leopold. They giggle and flirt and he offers her a ring of straw, promising to exchange it for a ring of gold in two weeks time if she’ll agree to marry him. After she agrees, he says he has to leave in the morning, so she offers him some premarital sexitimes. Not for nothing, but they’ve been getting awfully salacious lately, so I think it’s time to bring the lesbian back so we can have some equal opportunity hay rolling.

In present-day Storybrooke, Emma goes into Regina’s library and tells Hook to watch out for the apples in this house. Hook has a hard time being less than serious, what with the witch on the loose, but the Uncharmings don’t have that problem, and are talking baby names. Which is convenient, otherwise we might have forgotten that Leopold was Snow White’s father’s name.

Regina brings them tea that’s not to be drunk, but to be used in the seance she’s planning so that they can talk to Cora.

Across town, Zelena is fondling Regina’s heart, and when her flying monkey says it looks battered, Zelena says that’s a good thing. She now has everything she needs sans the baby, so she tells Rumple to suit up, it’s time to celebrate. She tells him she won’t use the dagger to make him, but instead uses good, old-fashioned physical threats.

Team Charming asks Regina why they had never done a seance before, and Regina says it’s because you need the murder weapon…and the murderer. Which causes Mary Margaret to flinch. Regina holds out her hands and Emma moves to take it before anyone else. They all join hands/hooks and focus on Cora.

Before long, a blue portal opens in the ceiling, and Regina shouts into it.

OUAT 318-5

However, nothing happens, and the sky closes. Regina says it worked; but that Cora chose not to come through, because clearly she doesn’t want to talk to Regina.

Flash back to Young Cora, waiting in the rain by the crossroads, eventually taking off her straw ring and giving up.

Two months later, she arrives at the castle and finds her prince glowering in a gazebo. As it turns out, he’s not a prince, but a gardener. He calls her a harlot and she tells him she’s pregnant. He doesn’t really care at all. Cora threatens to tell the real prince, but he is still lacking the ability to care. She tries to call out for help, but the gardener disappears.

A man offers Cora a hand and some assistance, and tells her that he’s the real prince, Prince Leopold.

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