“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.17): SwanQueen Magic


Across town, Smee goes up to Hook and asks why they’re not out doing pirate-y things. He likes Storybrooke all right, but he’d rather be doing literally anything else. He has questions for his captain: Where’s the Jolly Roger? Why can’t we just take another boat? Why can you remember the Missing Year but nobody else can? Why haven’t you been telling us about every second of every day in that Missing Year so we can try to start solving this mystery? Were you born with it or is it Maybelline?

Hook tells him the STFU because he’s staying in Storybrooke and he’s not answering any of this questions so go get some frozen yogurt and shove it.

Emma approaches Hook to ask him to babysit again, and tells him that she’s going to make some magic with Regina. Hook likes the sound of that, but he doesn’t like the sound of Emma saying that after they defeat Zelena, she’s taking New Henry back to New York. He was happy there, and he’s way less annoying now that he’s not yammering on about Operation Cobra or offering his heart to evil villains. Hook tells her to let it go, that there’s no going back, the past is in the past.

Down by the beach, where it is raining, Mary Margaret and David are trying to figure out how to be more fun when they find a crowd buzzing about something that washed up on the shore. They wiggle their way through and see that it’s not a something but a someone; Ariel has arrived!

OUAT 317-3“Sweet, I’m where the people are.”

She’s been “unda da sea,” looking for clues as to where Prince Eric may have gone, since she hasn’t seen him since the new curse, and she also can’t remember anything from the Missing Year. Since Eric was a seaman, they suggest asking Hook if he remembers seeing Eric at all.

Cue a flashback to Ariel, waving a knife around at Hook, demanding him to give back her kidnapped prince.

OUAT 317-4 “I’ve graduated from dinglehoppers to actual weaponry.”

Her source was a man who escaped from the ship where Prince Eric was being held, which was the Jolly Roger. Hook flips the script and puts the knife to her throat, demanding to know who is captaining his ship. The wild rage in his eyes proves to Ariel that he really didn’t kidnap her prince, so she tells him that the knife he’s wielding came from the new captain’s armory. Hook looks at the hilt and sees an engraving of the letters BB.

Inside, Hook rallies his men. It’s Blackbeard who stole his ship, and it’s Blackbeard they’ll take the ship back from! Smee is hesitant, Blackbeard is not exactly a cartoon pirate whose nemesis is a flying boy in tights…Blackbeard is the real deal. But Hook has the fire of Captain Flint in his heart and will not take no for an answer. Ariel appears and says she’s coming too!

In present-day Storybrooke, Hook is teaching Henry how to cheat at dice games when David and Mary Margaret walk in, Ariel in tow. They ask if he knows Prince Eric, but he plays dumb, saying he’s never heard of the guy. Ariel thanks him anyway, and they decide to check Gold’s shop for any sign of him. Hook tries to warn David that they might be getting the girl’s hopes up, but David’s like, “Um, she loves him, he can’t be dead, duh.” Hook starts to point out that his logic makes literally no sense, but knows his boyfriend well enough to know it would be fighting a losing battle, so he lets them go.

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