“Once Upon a Time” recap (3.16): Witch Fight


Flash back to young Zelena returning to the Wizard of Oz, demanding to send her back in time, to help her change the past. He laughs at her and she tears down the stupid curtain he hides behind. Behind the curtain, bundled up in robes to cast a more intimidating shadow, is none other than Regina’s ex-fiance, Walsh.

He doesn’t have any magic himself, but he has magical gadgets and gizmos aplenty. He tells Zelena that no magic is strong enough to turn back time, and he hasn’t seen a blue police box lately. Inspired by a circus poster, Zelena decides that a flying monkey minion will be more of use to her than a fake wizard.

Determined now, more than ever, to get what she wants, the green on Zelena’s neck takes over her entire body as the jealousy fills her every pore.

OUAT 316-9The green never bothered me anyway.

Her plan? To make sure Regina was never born. (Noooo!)

Next week we learn more about good ol’ Captain Hook — and Ariel is back!

What did you think of “It’s Not Easy Being Green”?

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