“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.15): Light in the Darkness


Neal fortunately has time to give them both lengthy goodbyes. He gives Emma the swan necklaces and makes her promise to be happy, no matter what. Tell Henry he was a good father, and be happy, no matter what. He thanks his father for teaching him how to sacrifice for love, and closes his eyes after a final, “I love you, Papa.”

The music swells and everything is dramatic and I hadn’t really been worried about it, since True Love has resurrected 95% of the characters who have died so far in this show, but then everything felt so very final, so I don’t know what to think.

Across town, Team Charming bursts into the Loft to find Zelena, but she escaped through the bathroom window. While Emma calls Regina (her go-to move, now), David fills Mary Margaret in on everything — that the Wicked Witch was literally right under her (supposedly-really-good-at-tracking) nose, that Rumple is back, and that Neal is gone.

OUAT 315-8And he might even stay that way this time.

Gold is sitting near Neal’s body when Zelena shows up, positively delighted about how things turned out. She literally steps over Neal and taunts Zelena. He tells her that her jig is up, he already told Team Charming, and their capable hands will surely stop her any minute. She looks a little concerned, but recovers quickly since the Dark One’s dagger actually controls him, now that he isn’t sharing a brain.

Rumple confirms what we’ve all been thinking — she wants the baby. Why is still unknown. She orders him back in his cage, and he has no choice but to obey

Somewhere across town, Regina peers through the trees at Robin Hood playing with the Cutest Child Ever and gets a little weepy at the sight of it.


Emma catches up with Henry after his day of fishing by the lake and sits him down. She confesses that the reason they came to Maine, the person she was here to help, was his father. She then tells him that she was too late, and his father died. But what’s important for him to remember, is that he was a hero. Henry wants to know what happened to the person who did it, and Emma assures her son that she’s going to exact her revenge.

Next week on OUAT, Zelena finally starts dressing like herself again, and challenges Regina to a wand duel. Something tells me neither one of their signature moves is “Expelliarmus”.

What did you think of “Quiet Minds”?

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