“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.11): Back to the Start

Pan freezes them all, but before he can kill anyone, Rumple shows up and fortunately he had not used the sword to amputate his own hand, but instead it had given him an idea. He tells Bae and Belle that he loves them. He then calls his shadow back to him, dagger and all, and stabs Pan and himself with it. Pan suddenly turns back into Rumple’s father, the man he was before he was Peter Pan. He begs Rumple to remove the dagger, but Rumple tells him that villains don’t get happy endings. He twists the dagger and they both disappear, leaving only the scroll behind them.

The residents of Storybrooke finally regain their ability to move and poor, sweet Belle falls to the floor in despair.

OUAT 311-6It’s okay, go find Ruby to comfort you.

Grumpy runs in and tells them that the curse is coming, and from all sides. Regina tells them that the price she will have to pay for breaking this curse is that she can’t see the one she loves the most. This means, everyone will go back to where they’re from, the Enchanted Forest – everyone except Emma. And Henry. Okay fine mostly Henry but Emma is staying behind, too. Because she’s always the exception. The Savior.

A tearful Mary Margaret starts to say goodbye, but Emma says, “No.” She just found her family, she’s not ready to give it up, no matter how wacky it is. Her parents try to convince her it’s the right thing to do, that this IS their happy ending, but she still protests. Regina says they have no choice. She says she thought all she wanted was for Emma to get the hell out of her life, but now she knows that all she wants is to get into her pants. No wait, that’s not right. For Henry to be happy, yes that’s it. Regina sounds sincere, and Emma trusts her, so she finally agrees.

Flash back again to the day of Henry’s birth, but just long enough to remind us how adamant Emma was about not being a mother. Then cut to the present-day, where she and Henry are saying goodbye to everyone in Storybrooke. Henry apologizes to Regina for everything, for thinking Regina didn’t love her, for ever finding Emma. She tells him it’s okay, villains don’t get happy endings anyway. Henry then says the best thing Henry has ever said: “You’re not a villain, you’re my mom.”

Regina pulls Emma aside, “There’s something I haven’t told you.” I knew it wasn’t going to be  love confession. I knew it. But for a brief moment, the length of a heartbeat – when they were standing so close and talking so privately in this minute that could be their last – for just a moment I thought it was going to happen.

Still, it was a touching conversation. Regina told Emma that since the curse would be broken, Storybrooke would cease to exist. In fact, it would cease to ever have existed. Not even in their memories. Emma looks horrified, almost devastated. Regina takes her hand and offers her a gift. She can’t help Emma remember Storybrooke, but she can give her new memories instead. Good, happy memories of her life with Henry, as though she had never given him up.

OUAT 311-7Just a liiiiittle bit closer.

Emma is worried that it won’t be real, but Regina assures her that the future will be, and that’s all that matters. Regina hugs her son one last time, Mary Margaret hugs her daughter, and Emma and Henry get into that little yellow Buggy.

Regina turns around and turns the oncoming green cloud purple, and Emma drives off. Storybrooke fades away, room by room, street by street, until not even the town line can be seen.

Flash back again to the moment Emma’s offered a change of heart in the hospital after giving birth. This time, however, she asks to hold her newborn son. She smiles at her baby boy and decides to keep him after all.

One year later. Manhattan. 8:15am. Emma wakes up and makes breakfast, Henry wakes up and waters the plants, all with the radio chiming a happy tune. She puts cinnamon in his cocoa and they sit down to a lovely breakfast. They’re not seated long before they hear a knock on the door. Henry is more interested in his eggs than their guest, so Emma gets up to see who it is. She opens the door and who should be there but the Coverboy himself: Hook. He tells her that he needs her help, that her family is in danger. She looks at him like he’s a crazy homeless man who just knocked over a Sephora, so he leans in to kiss her, hoping it would jog her memory. Alas, it does not, and instead of sudden recognition, he gets a sudden knee to his pirate parts.

She closes the door, nonplussed, and tells Henry it was nothing, that someone probably left the door open downstairs and some riff-raff wandered in.

What did you think of “Going Home”?

Once Upon A Time is going on a wee hiatus, but it will be back on March 19th, in full force, and with the Wicked Witch of the West in its tailwind.

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Oh dear LORD how do Emma and Regina NOT make out after that? IF ONE OF THEM WAS A BOY, THEY WOULD HAVE. #rude #queerytales #OUaT — Tammy (@tylynn_sings) December 16, 2013

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