“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.10): Homecoming


The next day at Granny’s, Rumple walks in and gives David an elixir for his dreamshade poisoning. This makes him so happy he wants to start making babies as soon as possible, but Mary Margaret is distracted by the sight of Neal sitting in the next booth. He had asked Emma out on a lunch date, but it is clear that she was standing him up. Like the good meddling parents they are, Mary Margaret sends David to go see what’s keeping Emma.

David finds Emma staring forlornly out into the water and tries to convince her to go on the date. She’s a little more concerned about her newly rescued son acting strange, but he convinces her to give Neal a chance anyway.

OUAT 310-5I call this one “Return of Red Leather.”

Emma asks if this is just a way to keep her away from Hook, and Charming says, “Are you asking if I’m interested in Hook? I’m a married man!” Which is not a no, for the record.

Across town, Hook sidles up to Tink and tries to turn on the charm. Tink, however, is very, very uninterested, but her shut down is interrupted by a piercing scream. Half of Storybrooke runs towards the scream to see Blue being chased by the Shadowman. They’re too late, though, because Shadowman rips Blue’s shadow from her body, leaving her quite dead. Since Pan is the only one who can control his shadow, they now know that Pan is back.

Back in time, in Fairytale Land, Snow and Charming walk into Medusa’s lair, eyes down, trying to find the creature. They run and fight and try, unsuccessfully, to chop off her head, and eventually Charming gets caught and turned to stone. Which would be a little more stressful if it weren’t a flashback from a time where both people were very much flesh and blood.

In Storybrooke, Emma pulls Regina aside and tries to warn her to watch out for Henry being a little shady. Regina gets defensive and thinks Emma is just saying that because he asked for her for once, and reminds her who soothed him when he had nightmares for the first ten years of his life. Regina tells Emma that she is perfectly capable of comforting their son (yes, she says “our son” again).

OUAT 310-6Just a littttttle closer…

Henry-Pan’s plan worked, because after his shadow made an appearance, Regina takes him right into her magic vault, blissfully unaware of the mischievous look on his face.

Back in time, Snow is about to attack Medusa when Evil Queen Regina appears in the reflection of a discarded shield, mocking her and her stone boyfriend. She tells her, “I can barely tell the difference.” Get it? Because he’s boring? However, the Evil Queen fell victim to the infamous backfiring-gloating-speech because it inspired Snow to use the shield in the age-old trick of making Medusa look at herself, turning her to stone and making Charming real again.

Present-day Storybrooke, Emma, her parents, Rumple and Belle all take Pandora’s Box and drive to the town line. Emma and her gun cross over the line and Rumple releases Pan-Henry, who immediately calls out, “Mom?”

They do the classic “proof you’re real” dance and Pan-Henry eventually convinces Emma he’s the real deal, even though Rumple was shouting SHOOT HIM SHOOT HIM over everything being said. As they hug, David wonders aloud where the real Pan is even though Pan-Henry already said they swapped bodies.

Meanwhile, in Regina’s vault, Henry-Pan is thanking Regina for protecting him, coaxing her into a big hug. While they’re hugging, he grabs a bottle from the wall behind them and uses whatever is in it to knock Regina out cold.

OUAT 310-7Talk about sleeping beauty.

The rest of the Neverland Crew meets up with the Charming clan at the vault, magic coconut in hand in case the Shadowman comes back. Emma looks extremely worried about Regina, but plays it off like she’s upset she can’t shoot Pan-Henry because he’s in Henry’s body, and that she’s the Savior and can never get a day off.

When Rumple finally magics them into the vault, they find Regina unconscious. When they help her come to, she scolds herself for falling for it, saying that she wanted to believe that Henry still needed her so badly, that she overlooked all the signs. Pan-Henry steps forward and says he does still need her, and she gets the real hug she had been after before.

Rumple interrupts the love-fest to ask Regina where The Curse is, and they all look to see the very open box where it once was. Outside, turning the scroll with The Curse over in his hands, Henry-Pan tells a newly jailbroken Felix of his plan to implement The Curse yet again, but this time, put themselves in charge. (Though why he wants to rule a town of misfit fairytale characters he just met is beyond me.)

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