“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.08): Ship on a ship


Cut to the terrible twosome, rowing their way towards Skull Rock. Peter Pan puts up a protection spell and leads Henry through the Rock to a giant hourglass, which he says is counting down the seconds until magic is dead.

Back on the mainland, Team Storybrooke make a plan to split up. Mary Margaret and David are going to get water from Dead Man’s Peak for Rumple’s elixir; Emma, Regina, Rumple, and Neal  are going to save Henry; and Hook and Tink are staying behind because they don’t want to watch Mary Margaret and Charming make out and they won’t fit in the rowboat.

Flash back to Little Rumple and his dad landing on the beaches of Neverland. Rumple’s dad tells him that anything you believe is real on this island, and Little Rumple conjures up some cake. His dad tries to fly but ends up landing face-first in the sand before remembering he needs pixie dust.

Little Rumple’s dad finds the tree that grows pixie dust and scurries up it and doesn’t even wait to climb down before sprinkling it on himself and wishing to fly. When it doesn’t work, ShadowMan arrives and tells him that he doesn’t belong.

Present day, Swan Queen, Neal and Rumple are in a rowboat.

OUAT 308-6 Ship on a ship. Never gets old.

They get off on Skull Rock but are stopped by Peter Pan’s protection spell. That is, everyone but Rumple. It’s meant to keep out anyone who casts a shadow, so only Rumple can go in. Regina gives him Pandora’s Box and a menacing threat and sends him on his way.

Emma quickly realizes that sitting there with Regina and Neal could get love-triangle levels of awkward any minute, so she suggests they cover the moon. (Probably inspired by the fact that she covered her arms at the beginning of the episode and everything has felt a little darker since.) Neal watches jealously as Regina and Emma work together to cause an eclipse.

OUAT 308-7Total eclipse of the heart.

Back in time, Little Rumple is crying at the base of the tree his father disappeared into, when his dad appears and says that he’s fine. He always says that this island is just for children. Little Rumple doesn’t care where they go, as long as they’re together. Rumple’s dad is like, “Hm, sorry you feel this way, because I sort of just promised you to this ShadowMan.” ShadowMan turns Rumple’s dad into Peter Pan before taking Little Rumple away. Should have just stayed with the lesbians, Rumps.

In present day Skull Rock, Pan senses that Rumple has passed his barrier, and sits Henry down to wait while he deals with something. He confronts his son, who now looks significantly older than he does, and says they’re kind of the same. They both abandoned their sons for something selfish. Rumple says there’s one major difference. HE regretted abandoning Baelfire the second he let go of his hand. Pan looks at Rumple and asks why he thinks he calls himself Peter Pan, but Rumple isn’t moved. Pan says they can still be together, but Rumple has another fresh start in mind. He tries to open Pandora’s Box, to no avail. Peter Pan laughs. He has the real Pandora’s Box, thanks to a little sleight of hand. Once a magician, always a magician.

Little Rumple shows up at the spinning ladies’ doorstep, crying. They tuck him into bed and tell him to kiss his dolly goodnight. What was his dolly’s name, by the way? Ah, yes. Peter Pan.

Present day Peter Pan tells Henry that, in order to save magic, he just needs to give Pan his heart. Henry is like “Believe in you forever and ever? Yay!” and Pan is all, “No, literally, I need the organ in your chest to be in mine.”

Henry isn’t so sure he likes this plan, but Pan says the word “hero” over and over until Henry decides he must do whatever it takes to save magic. Pan gives his hand the fiery power of heart-ripping and Henry digs in and pulls out his own heart.

Just then, his two moms and Neal show up in the cave. They try to expose all of Pan’s lies, but Pan is deep in Henry’s head. Pan says his parents are lying because they don’t want to lose him, they’re being selfish. All adults lie. They promise they’re not lying and they keep shouting that they love him.

OUAT 308-8

Henry tells all three of them that he loves them, but that he needs to save magic. He shoves his heart into Peter Pan’s chest and falls unconscious to the floor. They all run to Henry’s lifeless body, as the newly empowered Peter Pan flies off into the night.

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