“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.04): Land of Nod

David takes this opportunity to tell Mary Margaret that hypothetically if he should get infected by dreamshade, just for example, and die before they get off the island, that he would want her to move on and be happy. She tells him he’s sweet but he’s being silly because there’s positively no way he’s going to die because she hasn’t run out of unicorn stickers yet.

Across Neverland, Neal and Rumple face pan and shoot an arrow at him, which of course he catches before it hits him. Luckily Neal anticipated this and had coated the shaft of the arrow in squid ink instead. Immobilizing Peter Pan doesn’t leave him weaponless, however, and he drops hints about the prophecy, planting the seed of doubt in Neal’s ear.

With a sleeping Henry nearby, Neal and Rumple play catch-up – Rumple tells him about the creepy girl-child seer’s prophecy and that he had every intention of killing the boy that would be his undoing before he found out it was his own grandson. This is of little comfort to Neal, who doesn’t believe his father has changed his ways. Neal asks him to prove it by handing over the Dark One dagger, but Rumple says he gave it to his shadow to hide it, but Neal says this is a likely story and doesn’t buy his tale of redemption. He presses an inky leaf into his father’s hand, freezing him in place, and says goodbye to his Papa.

Neal, sleeping Henry over his shoulder, finds a camp and sniffs it to confirm that Emma has been here recently. His excitement is soon squashed when he is surrounded by Pan and his Lost Boys, who says he should no better – no one leaves Neverland without his permission, even if they thought they had once before. He says it’s time to reset the board in this twisted little game of his.

Across the forest, NotBelle tries to comfort Rumple, saying that she knows he has changed, which means Rumple knows he has changed, because NotBelle is just a manifestation of Rumple’s subconscious.

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Still, Rumple’s face darkens and tells NotBelle to go away, which surely can’t be a good sign for anyone.

Henry awakens to more Lost Boy monkey dancing, with only the vaguest recollection of Neal’s voice in his head. Pan lets him believe it was just a dream, and says that you can make new dreams in Neverland, and that you can make a new family, too. This time, when he plays his tune, Henry hears it and starts dancing with the rest of the monkeys.

What did you think of “Nasty Habits”? Do you reckon Emma will ever realize that she should take Regina up on her offer to make magic together?

Here are some of our favorite #queerytales tweets from this week.

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