“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.03): Welcome to the Queer Fold, Mulan


Aurora greets Mulan with shining eyes and says that she’s so glad to see her. Mulan starts to tell her something, something important. Mulan stops her confession with a laugh asking why Aurora’s practically bursting with smiles. Aurora apologizes for stealing her thunder, but she just HAS to tell her best friend this news. She says “Best friend, I, your friend, wanted you, my friend, to know that Phillip and I are expecting a baby.” You can practically see Mulan’s heart sink like a stone in her chest. She forces a tight smile and when Aurora asks what her news had been, she says she’s joining Robin Hood’s band of Merry Men. Aurora looks at her with a new sadness and says, “You’re leaving us?” Mulan hears that “us” and knows for sure.

OUAT 303-8Loose lips sink ships.

They hug and Mulan walks away, a single tear escaping as she turns her back on her one true love.


In Neverland, the Storybrooke Adventurers finally find Tinkerbell and Emma DEMANDS to know where Regina is. Emma stands there with Snow, Charming and Hook, all of them with weapons drawn, ready to fight for Regina, to get her back. When Regina emerges, she insists she’s fine, and that Tinkerbell won’t kill them, but won’t help them either. Emma has a suggestion. If Tink helps them get into Pan’s camp, she can come back to Storybrooke with them. Snow looks proudly at her daughter voicing what she had been thinking and says it will be a home. Tinkerbell is still feeling feisty, but DOES like the idea of a home, so she says she’ll go into Pan’s camp and MAYBE leave an opening for them, but it totally isn’t her fault if they get themselves killed, ok?

Charming had been stunned into silence when they came across a wingless Tinkerbell. He was really counting on that pixie dust to save his life. Now he’s at a loss. And Snow doesn’t help matters by choosing this moment to remind him that HE is her home and he is all she needs to survive.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, a newly heartbroken Mulan makes her way through the Merry Men to Robin Hood. She solidifies her new adventure, her path that will lead her away from the girl that got away, by shaking the hand on Robin Hood’s lion-tattooed arm.

What did you think of “Quite A Common Fairy”? Do you think Mulan can get over this rejection and find a new lady love? Are you as excited as I am that Once Upon A Time finally has a queer female character?

Here are some of our favorite #queerytales tweets from this week (you guys were on FIRE with this, the gayest episode of Once to date):

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