“Once Upon A Time” recap (3.03): Welcome to the Queer Fold, Mulan

After Emma leaves, Tinkerbell emerges from the brush and says “complicated history” isn’t exactly how she’d put it. She is bedraggled, with eyes as wild as her hair, and she blows pink powder in Regina’s face, causing her to collapse to the ground. When Regina comes to, she’s tied up and alone with Tinkerbell. Tink is FURIOUS. She threw her life away for Regina, and Regina blew her off.

OUAT 303-5“You made me get big for no reason!”

Flash back to Fairytale Land, where Regina lets Tinkerbell lead her, using stolen pixie dust, to her true love. Tinkerbell leaves her to her fate, but Regina never makes it all the way to the man with the lion tattoo. The next day, when Tinkerbell goes to hear all about Regina’s true love’s kiss, Regina insists the pixie dust didn’t work, and that Tink is a terrible fairy. Regina says she’s not afraid of anything and she doesn’t have any friends and that Tinkerbell should just leave. When Tink does leave, the Blue Fairy confronted her and said that she had blown her last shot. Blue tells Tinkerbell she doesn’t believe in her anymore and the poor green fairy’s wings disappear.

Now, Regina stands before her, knowing Tink has no magic. Regina rips out her own heart and hands it to Tinkerbell. Tink once again demands an explanation. Regina admits that she had lied, that the pixie dust did work, but that she HAD been afraid. She had chosen revenge over hope, and it has blackened her heart. She tells Tinkerbell that the choice is hers, that she can pick hope over anger, she can help save her son.

OUAT 303-6TinkerQueen? ReginaBell? Tinker Mills?

Meanwhile, her son is sitting in Peter Pan’s camp, where Pan himself is telling Henry that magic is dying, and that he’s the key to saving it. He’s the spawn of the darkest dark and the lightest light and Pan gives him a piece of parchment that will prove it. Henry tosses the parchment down without looking and Pan says Henry reminds him of his father.

In Rumplestiltskin’s castle, Neal is using major guilt cards to convince Robin Hood to let him use his son somehow to get to Neverland. Robin Hood is reluctant, but from one father to another, understands Neal’s desperation. Mulan makes a plan and knows it’s a good one, because she’s Mulan and all her plans are good. While they’re setting up, Neal is rambling in his excitement and tells Mulan that if you love someone, you should tell them right away. He learned the hard way that if you wait, it could be too late before you know it. Understanding registers on Mulan’s face.

OUAT 303-7“I must be swift as the coursing river.”

Robin Hood brings in his little merry man and they place him strategically in front of the window. He speaks with the cutest voice of all the voices and says simply, “I believe!” Sure enough, a Shadowman comes and tries to take the little boy away. But Mulan is ready for him and quickly gets the Shadow to release him. As the Shadow retreats, Neal JUMPS OUT THE WINDOW and holds on to the SHADOW’S FOOT. Not the most foolproof of plans, but it works.

After Neal is gone, Robin Hood thanks Mulan for protecting his son and asks her to join his band of Merry Men, even though she would be the first woman. No stranger to being the only female in an army, she is honored, but says that she has someone to talk to before it’s too late.

That someone is Aurora.

Yes, you read that correctly. After shipping them since the moment they were on screen together, from Mulan worrying about Aurora when she was having nightmares to them losing their heart-removing virginities to one another, our wishes have finally come true. Mulan loves Aurora. And she plans to tell her so.

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