On The Scene: Sundance 2010


Saturday, January 23
On Saturday, I basically spent my time people watching, anxiously eyeing the ticket releases for Sunday and relaxing until the big event of the night the Joan Jett and the Blackhearts concert at Harry O’s on Main Street.

If all you know of Joan Jett is “I Love Rock and Roll,” then you’d better get yourself over to iTunes and start downloading, stat. She’s a rightful guitar legend, with an absolutely infectious style and a penchant for awesome outfits. She also happens to rock a live show like no one else.

She did not disappoint. From the moment she strutted out to the surprise appearance of Cherie Currie, Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart onstage, to the smashing encore, she rocked hard.

Wearing a glittery jumpsuit that showed off her rock-toned arms, she danced across the stage, joked with the audience and gave everyone in the room a very, very good time. At one point, she asked for more lights on the stage. “What?” she said coyly into the mic. “I’m cold, this is my jacket!”

I had expected a few shout-outs for The Runaways folks, but their onstage appearance drove the crowd crazy. Just about everyone busted out their requisite iPhones for a few pictures, despite the overly-trigger happy bouncers floating around discouraging any amateur photography.

The young stars popped out for a moment, all smiles and sweatshirts, while Jett gave props to writer/director Floria Sigismondi in the audience. Currie (author of the autobiography on which the flick is based) smiled and stood watch. Just as soon as the impromptu photo-op was over, the kids scurried backstage and Joan Jett kept on rocking, just the way it should have been.

Sunday, January 24
After a rousing four a.m. wakeup and a solid try at the box office, there was still no luck for The Runaways. It was becoming a running joke of the trip, actually and honestly, after seeing the real thing (Joan Jett!), I doubted that the film could do her justice.

I was trying not to be bitter.

Standing in lines at Sundance

My Sundance weekend was winding down to an end, so I decided to try something completely new downhill skiing. I only fell twice, which I also blamed on the box office. (I was still trying not to be bitter.)

I have to say that Sundance 2010 lived up to all the ruckus and hype I’d been hearing about for years. It was a real trip to hear folks chat up the parties they got into while riding a crowded bus, or to overhear the wheeling and dealing regarding which films will be bought for widespread distribution. It just might have been more interesting than actually watching the movies.

But for a film junkie, particularly a lesbian film junkie, it’s still heaven. Sundance was even gayer than usual this year, with solid films for both men and women of the queer persuasion. I’m already planning my trip for 2011, with one goal to make some very close friends in the box office next year. I’ll start sending chocolates in September.

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