N.Y. Scene: The Beach Edition

Was giving up dodgeball glory for this bottle of elixir and a dip in the pool worth it? A good journalist always seeks the truth, so I decided to go swimming and sample the mysterious liquor to answer this pressing question. After a grueling half an hour of back floating and mezcal swigging, I concluded that Team Prop made a wise decision.

Wisdom incarnate

As teams were eliminated over the course of the afternoon, they made their way to the pool. What is the most logical thing to do after you’ve spent hours throwing balls around in 100 degree weather? Throw more balls around in 100 degree weather of course!

Oh, lesbians.

So who won the tournament? Team Henrietta Hudson. This photograph was taken during one of their earlier matches, but it looked like they were already celebrating.

Then it was time to get ready for the White Party. While not unusual in southern California or Miami, white parties are rarely seen in the New York City metropolitan region, so treat these photographs like you would photos of unicorns or chupacabras.


Photo credit: David Pun

Photo credit: David Pun

The weekend ended with a tea party at the Oceanside Beach Bar Sunday afternoon. Diva on the Shore 2010 isn’t over yet, though. A slimmer, more streamlined Diva will be held in just a couple of weeks in Asbury Park to bid farewell to the summer. To find out more, click here.

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