N.Y. Scene Summer 2012

Here are some other notable queer and/or lesbian events that graced NYC over the summer. First, Brooklyn party Hey Queen! held a queer walk off, which started out silly and Zoolander-esque but rapidly turned into a deliciously depraved sideshow. Even the winner of the most over-the-top queer sideshow of all, Miss Lez 2010 Drae Campbell – in the green specs, was beside herself.

Check out this crazy dude licking and sucking on the toes of the judges.

And whoa, look at the tatas on this mama.

Mama’s name is Pearl, and she took home the gold. The entire photo set is here.

And of course there is Old Faithful, semi monthly lesbian fiesta TruckStop at Slate Lounge, which changed it up and added some new dancers. Oh la la!

But wait! There’s more! Missing The Real L Word already? Come check out Somer Bingham‘s band Clinical Trials at Slate Lounge on October 5 at a fundraiser! The community is coming together to raise funds for Jason Hill’s top surgery. You may recognize Jason as the greeter for pretty much every NYC lesbian party in the last few years. He used to go as “Jazzy,” and since his name change, he has also removed the ridiculous mohawk from his head. Aha! Now you remember! Clinical Trials will be taking the stage at 10:45pm. MC Specs is hosting and a few of the Truck Stop dancers will be performing as well. Be there!

All photos taken by Grace Chu.

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